TikTok users are freaking out after discovering the ‘Bass Pro Pyramid’

If you’ve never heard of the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid, you’re in for a surprise.

The massive outpost of the famous sporting goods store is currently going viral on TikTok — mainly because users can hardly believe it exists.

Located in the Memphis Pyramid in Memphis, Tenn., the 322-foot-tall structure originally opened as a sports arena in the early ’90s. Since 2015, though, it’s housed the world’s largest Bass Pro Shops location.

That fact seemed particularly mind-blowing to TikTok user @the_jenc. The 24-year-old posted a video sharing her discovery, and it has since drawn nearly 400,000 views.

“I’m always thinking about the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid,” the TikToker captioned her clip.


I’m always thinking about the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid #fyp #bassproshops #pyramid #archaeology #Wishlist @bassproshops

♬ Galloping War Horses Violin – Timothy Chooi

In her video, @the_jenc breaks down everything that freaks her out about the pyramid. For starters, she seemed particularly unsettled to find that the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid is actually the 10th-tallest pyramid in the world.

She goes on to provide a photo tour of the pyramid, including its 28-story, freestanding elevator, which is the tallest of its kind in America. The Bass Pro Shops Pyramid also features a gun range, a restaurant and a 103-room hotel. According to its website, the landmark encompasses 535,000 square feet of space.

TikTok users seemed completely blown away by @the_jenc’s discovery. Despite the pyramid’s massive stature, it seemed many users were unaware it existed. Some were intimated by the building, which they called “crazy.”

“This is a nightmare,” one user wrote.

“I have been there and I can confirm it’s absolutely insane,” another added.

“Why have I never heard of this?” another asked.

Others, however, seemed excited to learn about the Tennessee landmark. In particular, TikTokers seemed fascinated by the fact that you can actually get married at the pyramid.

“Don’t mind me, just asking my husband why we didn’t get married there,” one user wrote.

A few, meanwhile, were just excited to learn the pyramid existed. In recent months, TikTok has become a hotbed for offbeat aspirational tourism, with users visiting a McDonald’s in Arizona, a Taco Bell in California and even a gas station in Seattle, all due to their viral fame.

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