A new TikTok trend has former retail workers spilling their biggest secrets

A new TikTok trend has retail employees spilling their biggest insider secrets — including equal exchange policies, wild discounts and more.

The trend started when user @maryamazeem_ asked former retail and fast food workers to share the craziest things they’d learned on the job.

Users responded with several mind-blowing videos, including one from an alleged former Bath & Body Works employee named Mercedes Angel. In her video, the TikToker explains how you can allegedly get plenty of “free stuff” from the store.


##stitch with @maryamazeem_ Go get yourself some free stuff, but just know the employees will judge you lol ##bathandbodyworks ##retailsecrets

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Angel’s clip shares the store’s “equal exchange” policy, which she claims allows customers to return any item — even if they have already used some of it — for another, equal item.

“You could bring an empty candle — like a completely used candle — back into the store, and we have to give you a new one,” she claims.

As Angel puts it, it “feels so wrong” for a customer to use an item then act like they didn’t like it. But she claims “tons of people” did exactly that.

A less controversial retail hack came from user David Walker. The TikToker, who is either a current or former worker at Best Buy, shared just how insanely good the chain’s employee discount is.


##stitch with @maryamazeem_ the most OP discounts on tech

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In his version of the retail secrets video, Walker claims that Best Buy allows its workers to buy items at “five percent above cost.” Cost, in this case, refers to the price Best Buy pays to stock its inventory.

Naturally, retail chains charge way more than they pay for their items, so a discount like that can really stack up.

“Usually, that price cut is damn near more than 50 percent,” Walker claims.

Walker’s video has drawn more than 8.6 million views, with many TikTokers excited by the prospect of using the discount.

“Guess my first job is gonna be at Best Buy,” one user joked.

“Looking for a new best friend who works at Best Buy,” another added.

The retail secrets trend has spanned far beyond discounts and equal exchanges. Workers have also shared their biggest alleged discoveries from working in the fast food industry — including working at Dunkin’.

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