Beauty artist experiments with multi-dimensional looks

Carolina Carpegiani isn’t a makeup artist. No, she’s a self-professed “beauty artist.” 

The distinction is an important one, because Carpegiani often opts for embellishments rather than eye shadow or lipstick. Her Instagram demonstratest that the artist has no shortage of ideas either. 

In one look, Carpegiani covered her entire face and bust in pearls. She used white pearls as “foundation” for her fair skin, blue for “eye shadow,” smaller pink pearls as “blush” and red for the “lipstick.” She named the surreal body art “trypophobia,” which is a phobia where the individual has an aversion to clusters of small holes or bumps. 

For a more delicate and bohemian aesthetic, Carpegiani fixed tiny flowers in pink, purple, blue, orange and yellow onto her lashes. On another occasion, she played with a more kitschy vibe by gluing charms around the perimeter of her eye area. Rainbows, lollipops, smiley faces, clouds and strawberries framed her face for a style that would fit comfortably in a chic Candy Land board game. 

While Carpegiani’s looks tend to be more upbeat, there’s no denying that sadness has a certain beauty to it. She turned “tears” into artful embellishments in September. 

The artist layered on strips of shimmering crystals of staggered lengths onto her eyelids. The strips cascade down her cheeks from shortest to longest to create the illusion of some very fancy tears. 

“Love this one,” an Instagram user commented

“Woah. Yes. Everything,” another said

“Mood for the rest of the year,” someone added

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