Beauty guru shares relaxing spa video of elaborate algae peel-off mask

Maureen Alexandra Naudts is a makeup artist, content creator and beauty guru. If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of her wonderfully freckled, seemingly poreless skin, you probably wouldn’t mind nabbing a few skincare tips from her.

Naudts shared a video on her Instagram where she does the Diosa SKINworkout, a program created by Belgium-based esthetician Stephanie Severino Fernandes.

“First, my skin was thoroughly cleaned and then treated with a refreshing Casmara mask,” Naudts wrote in the caption. “Then she ‘trained’ my skin with different skin tools. (Firm, sculpt, lift). This treatment is good for: your blood circulation, lymph drainage, a beautiful glow and it calms the skin.” 

After cleansing, the spa employee coats Naudts’s face in a firming Casmara algae peel-off mask. The green, goopy masks contain kiwi, poppy seeds and vitamin c. But it’s the carbohydrates from the algae that make it solidify into a bizarre plastic film. As the mask hardens, the esthetician massages Naudts’s face with a jade roller

After peeling it off, the esthetician uses her fingers to massage Naudts’s cheeks before switching to cupping. The procedure uses small plastic cups that create a vacuum effect on the skin which increases blood flow and soothes the muscles. Next, the esthetician uses a jade gua sha, a staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine that smooths, tightens and firms the skin. Finally, to tone, lift and sculpt the facial contours, she uses a face roller on Naudts.

The relaxing spa video received over 442,000 views. 

“I want this sooo bad right now!” one user wrote.

“This looks so heavenly,” someone commented

“Can we go to Belgium just to get this done?”  one person wrote while tagging a friend.

Fortunately, you don’t need to travel to a Belgium spa for these treatments since a lot of the tools used are sold in stores!

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