What is a BEC? Why do so many people use it in ‘influencer snark’ Reddit groups?

If you spend any time scrolling through online forums, you’ve likely come across the term “BEC.” The acronym is getting thrown around quite a bit lately — especially in “influencer snark” Reddit groups — even though its meaning isn’t totally common knowledge.

To answer your first question: No, it doesn’t stand for bacon, egg and cheese. (At least not in this context.) According to Urban Dictionary, BEC actually stands for B**** Eating Crackers whenever it’s used in reference to a person.

“Everything this person does annoys you,” Urban Dictionary explains. “Even something as simple as eating crackers.”

A BEC doesn’t have to be someone you know personally, although it can be. In fact, talk about BECs often surfaces in Reddit threads about over-hyped influencers or other public figures that seem to get under people’s skin for various reasons.

One recent post in r/NYCinfluencersnark straight-up asked users to name which influencer was their personal BEC, and it got a lot of people fired up.

One Redditor called out the fashion influencer Eva Chen, who “went from total admiration to complete disdain” in their mind for no particular reason. Another said the Freckled Foodie (aka Cameron Oaks Rogers) was on their list, along with wellness creator MWH (Melissa Wood Tepperberg).

Others have named fashion model Ella Rose among those irking them, as well as the infamous Caroline Calloway.

Many reality TV personalities can count as BECs, too. In one recent Reddit thread, 90 Day Fiancé fans shared some of their BECs from the show — including the Silva twins, Darcey and Stacey and Angela Deem.

“My BEC has always been Debbie,” another person added. “Everything she does gets on my nerves… I hate the way she talks, her laugh … everything.”

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