What is the ‘because tonight will be the night’ TikTok trend and where does it come from?

Once again, emo is the butt of the internet’s joke. A 14-year-old song has sparked a viral TikTok meme and it’s so emotional. 

People are lip-syncing to a cover of Secondhand Serenade’s 2008 song “Fall For You” from the album A Twist In My Story. In typical TikTok fashion, users have turned the track’s earnest lyrics into a hilarious cringe anthem. Here’s why everyone is passionately singing “because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you.” 

What is the “because tonight will be the night” TikTok trend?


Reply to @nicolastella how dis? #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – HEYZ

Parody music producer @heyzmsc started the trend when he covered “Fall For You” in his bathroom. He donned a studded black vest, black eyeliner and a floppy black wig to recreate the perfect emo look. 

“Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you / Over again / Don’t make me change my mind / I won’t live to see another day / I swear / it’s true / Because a girl like you is impossible to find / It’s impossible to find,” @heyzmsc sang

The influencer’s cover has been featured in over 10,000 videos since. 

“When the emo kid starts a band,” @cartelmarcel said, lip-syncing to the vocals in a wig. 

Some people like @radeyaaaah have even taken to emo-ifying their pets by giving them shaggy emo hairstyles


What would your kids find in your “emo playlist”? 🖤🤘🏻#emoweek #emoo #emokids #warpedtour #poppunk #bands #alttiktok

♬ original sound – HEYZ

“In 2037, our future son going through his first breakup,” @alcygray said pressing their ear to the door of their “son’s” bedroom and hearing the song


rawr means I love you in dino 🦖 XD

♬ original sound – HEYZ

Other people just used the meme as an opportunity to roast their past emo phases and aesthetics. 

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