Are you pouring beer wrong? Here’s a hack to help ditch the foam

Dislike foamy beer? No problem! This TikToker shared a surprising way to pour a beer with almost no foam.

If you’re not a fan of foamy beer, this TikTok account has you covered. Allrecipes (@allrecipes) is a TikTok account that shares a wide range of recipes and cooking hacks — including a hack for pouring foam-free beer!

The secret to beer with almost no foam is simple: Turn your glass upside down!

According to the Allrecipes host, there are a few steps you should take to ensure the perfect pour of beer. First, start by washing the top and neck and your beer bottle, then open the beer. Next, grab a glass and turn it upside down, placing it over the neck of the beer bottle. Then flip the glass over with the beer bottle still inside, and slowly pour the beer. 

As you pour, ensure that the bottle is oriented vertically in the cup. To limit foam, keep the lip of the bottle as close to the already-poured beer as possible, moving it up slowly as the glass fills. By only letting a bit of beer out of the bottle at a time, the amount of foam should be significantly less than the average beer pour. 

Once the bottle is empty, you should be left with an almost entirely foam-free glass of beer!

Mixed feelings

TikTokers were torn about the beer-pouring hack. While some TikTokers were intrigued by the useful tip, others were critical. 

“This is also how airplane attendants pour soda fast,” one appreciative viewer pointed out. 

“Wonder if it would work with soda in a float?” another TikToker asked. 

Others, meanwhile, questioned the usefulness of the hack. 

“All the air that would’ve been released via the foam will now be a series of embarrassing burps!” one viewer wrote. 

“Or just tilt the cup and pour slowly,” another TikToker suggested. 

“The foam is part of the enjoyment of the beer,” wrote another skeptical viewer. 

Everyone’s preferences are different when it comes to beer. Some beer drinkers love IPAs, while others prefer a pilsner. And, of course, some drinkers enjoy a foamy top to their glass of beer, while others like their beer foam-free. If you do prefer a foamless beer, it’s worth giving Allrecipes’ simple beer hack a shot!

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