Behold yet another ‘Gossip Girl’ wardrobe fail

What exactly was the “Gossip Girl” wardrobe department doing while the show was being filmed?

Sure, one mistake — like Blake Lively/Serena Van der Woodsen accidentally wearing sweatpants under her dress — we can forgive, but two egregious errors is just lazy.

On May 19, TikTok user triciaerb3 pointed out another oversight in an episode of the popular CW show.

In this scene from the 3rd episode of the fifth season, while Blair and Dan argue about something to do with Chuck, an actress in the background can be seen wearing just one shoe.

“Can someone please tell me why this actress is just only wearing one shoe?” triciaerb3 asks as she zooms in on the background actor standing on her tippy toes.

Credit: TikTok/triciaerb3

The video, which has more than 27,000 likes, has earned the attention of several confused “Gossip Girl” fans.

“They got real lazy making gossip girl,” one person joked.

“It’s their Easter egg,” another user added.


Some people speculated that the actress might have either taken her shoe off during filming to get more comfortable or broke her shoe right before filming. Either way, it’s doubtful she thought her foot would end up the star of the scene.

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