Beijing subway’s ‘magic windows’ use LED lights to display information

A subway line in Beijing looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Line 6 had its subway windows replaced with a “magical window system” or transparent digital display. Passengers can still see through the windows but they also function as screens with information like subway maps and infographics. 

Called the Intelligent Passenger Service System, the windows also include high definition cameras to detect if a passenger is wearing a face mask, faints or waves for help. The windows combined with LED panels present subway routes, current locations and information from the upcoming stations. 

“For example, passengers can see where toilets, elevators and exits are at the next station and also what commercial facilities the station is close to,” Li Yujie, Deputy Head of Beijing Subway’s Technical Department, said according to Beijing Review

China’s capital is only testing the magic windows right now. Reports of their installation began in late March, with many locals tweeting their excitement for the future technological development.

“New windows for Beijing subway, my god! Cyberpunk 2020. I’m a hillbilly. First time I saw a car window like this,” one person tweeted.

“Wow! Found this latest technology adopted on #Beijing subway Line 6. Magic glass, 3D display and what else?” another said

“Amazing sense of direction,” another user wrote. 

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