We tried TikTok’s bell pepper sandwich hack

Does TikTok’s bell pepper sandwich hack actually make for the ultimate lunchtime snack?

It’s a question with a thousand different answers, depending on who you ask. Some TikTokers, like My Nguyen (@myhealthydish), a popular food blogger and one of the creators who popularized the low-carb trend — swear by it.


Having a low carb sandwich for lunch with Bell Peppers as my bread #TikTokRecipe #ramsayreacts #lowcarb #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner

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Nguyen’s version of the bell pepper sandwich, which packs cream cheese, lettuce and deli meat into two pepper “buns,” drew millions of views online. Even Gordon Ramsey weighed in on it.

But TikTokers were largely divided. Some loved the breadless hack, but others questioned why it even existed.

“That is not a sandwich,” one user wrote.

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“I would hate it,” another commented.

So what’s the actual verdict? As usual with internet recipes, the only real way to find out is to try it yourself. So, we did just that.

Is TikTok’s bell pepper sandwich hack actually good?

There’s no exact “recipe” for making this thing, as long as you use bell peppers instead of bread.

And that part is pretty easy. Just cut the top and bottom off a bell pepper, chop the pepper in half and remove the seeds and surrounding white flesh. After that, you’re ready for toppings.

We tried ours with cream cheese and lettuce — per Nguyen’s original recipe — plus some lunch meat, sliced cheese and yellow mustard, since it is a “sandwich” after all.

The result? Surprisingly great. This thing is easy to make, it’s aesthetically pleasing and the crispy crunch of the bell peppers goes great with turkey, lettuce and mustard. Meanwhile, the cream cheese helps hold everything in place like some kind of tasty glue.

This hack can’t replace a sandwich, but it is a really solid lunch option, especially if you’re getting tired of bread.

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