A Bella Hadid TikTok sound is getting backlash for triggering people with eating disorders

Editor’s Note: This article contains mentions of eating disorders and disordered eating. Please take care while reading, and note the helpful resources at the end of this story.

A TikTok sound featuring Bella Hadid is facing criticism for triggering some people with eating disorders. 

The audio itself is merely Hadid saying, “So my name — my name is Bella Hadid.” Users, however, are using the audio over videos where they “feel like models” in the stereotypical sense that includes focusing on dieting and body size.

It’s pretty clear that people associate Hadid with a certain beauty standard that has played a destructive role in people’s lives. 

According to Eating Disorder Hope, “Exposure to thin ideal images in traditional and social media contribute to body dissatisfaction.” In fact, mass media might be the most “powerful influence on the development of body dissatisfaction in women.” 


like i gotta swipe or look away im a snowflake sensitive baby

♬ som original – Eduarda Rebouças

Influencer Victoria Paris stated her reservations about the trend. 

“Me watching the videos under this that all slightly trigger my ED,” she said. “ED” is a common abbreviation for eating disorder.

Many people felt similarly to Paris and were also avoiding the sound. 

“More than slightly LMAO,” a person wrote

“I’m so glad I’m not alone when I see these vids,” another commented

“I feel like this whole ED thing is really starting to grow again. Like it was always there but the cultural shift is what I’m talking about,” someone posted

“No same the ED has been fully triggered and wants to come back,” a TikToker replied

“Finally someone said it,” a user added

The model herself actually talked about her struggles with disordered eating in a March interview with Vogue. Fortunately, she concluded in the interview that she has a much healthier relationship with food.

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating habits, contact the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) at (800) 931-2237. You can also connect with a Crisis Text Line counselor at no charge by texting the word “HOME” to 741741. Visit the NEDA website to learn more about the possible warning signs of eating disorders and disordered eating.

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