Bella Poarch was apparently secretly married for years and just filed for divorce

 Did Bella Poarch really just get divorced from her secret husband? Yes, she did. 

The 25-year-old TikTok star and singer married Tyler Poarch in January 2019. Poarch filed a petition to dissolve the marriage on Nov. 2, according to Los Angeles County court documents acquired by BuzzFeed. Poarch cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason and requested that neither party pay spousal support.

What has people talking is that Poarch never appeared to acknowledge the existence of her husband. 

“Bella Poarch having an entire career in the spotlight while hiding a whole man for four years is a crazy level of stealth,” @feralpixies wrote on Twitter

While she’s generally refrained from discussing her love life, she revealed in 2021 on the H3 Podcast that she had been single for a year. She also talked about having only two ex-boyfriends prior to being on the podcast — one was while she served in the Navy, one of which dumped her after learning she was discharged for mental health issues. 

BuzzFeed speculated that the latter may be the ex-husband in question because Poarch left the military at some point in 2019. 

We may never know what happened unless Poarch chooses to tell her story. In the meantime, these stunned reactions from her fans will have to be enough. 

“Not now sweetie, we just found out that Bella Poarch has been married the whole time,” @sootings commented on Twitter, with a meme of a Sims mom ignoring a baby on fire. 

“Bella Poarch is the most confusing influencer because nothing about her story or brand makes sense yet it’s working for her,” @Tokyo_Gaming_ said in a tweet

“Bella Poarch being the 3rd most followed TikTok account, having the most liked Tiktok video of all time, and being on the same music charts as Beyoncé and Taylor Swift while still finding a way to keep a husband a secret is actually some sort of talent.. I just can’t explain,”@t_queensh said on Twitter.  

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