Woman warns future moms not to pierce their belly buttons: ‘Don’t do it unless you’re never planning to have kids’

This TikTok mom explained why a belly button piercing might be a bad idea if you plan on getting pregnant.

It’s common knowledge that pregnancy causes your body to change. But while parents-to-be might anticipate stretch marks and swollen feet, they may not know that pregnancy can also affect the appearance of body piercings. 


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TikTok user Melinda Strauss (@therealmelindastrauss) took to TikTok to warn future parents of the perils of getting a belly button ring if you plan on getting pregnant. 

Don’t worry, having a belly button piercing while pregnant is safe for you and your baby, though it can cause discomfort in some cases. But, as Melinda explains in the video, you might not like the way the piercing looks after you give birth.

In the video, Melinda responds to the question, “What’s a mistake you learned the hard way that you can now help others avoid?”

She answers emphatically: “Don’t get a belly button ring.” 

“I know they’re cute, they’re fun, you can accessorize [them],” she says.  

But, she warns, “Don’t do it unless you’re never planning to have kids.”

Melinda recalls how, even though she removed her belly button ring when she got pregnant, the hole from the piercing was affected by her pregnancy. 

“Your belly gets really, really big, and so does the hole from the belly button ring, and then everything deflates after you have your baby,” she explains. 

Unfortunately, the hole from Melinda’s belly button ring did not deflate with the rest of her belly. It remained so stretched that Melinda claimed it looked like “a second belly button.”

“It’s not cute,” the TikTok mom warns. 

Ultimately, Melinda was so unhappy with her new “second belly button” that she had it surgically fixed. 

Now, she’s taking to TikTok to warn future pregnant people not to make the same mistake, no matter how cute belly button piercings may be. 

‘Bye I’m going to cry now’

Viewers jumped into the comments to commiserate with Melinda and share their fears.

“I tell people this every time I hear them say they want one. I didn’t have this issue but my aunt had to have hers reconstructed. It was so bad,” responded one TikToker.

“Bye I’m going to cry now,” wrote another.

A few TikTokers pointed out that Melinda’s belly button experience isn’t universal. While belly button piercings often stretch during pregnancy, experts note that the amount of stretching varies from person to person and can be affected by how recently you were pierced.

“Mine mostly looks the same, but has a stretch mark on it,” wrote one TikToker. “I have to wear smaller jewelry or it looks weird.”

“That doesn’t happen to everyone and if [you] take proper care of the piercing and [your] skin it can return back to normal,” responded another. 

When it comes down to it, deciding to get a belly button piercing is a personal choice. But it’s always helpful to know some of the surprising ways pregnancy can change your body!

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