TikToker bakes cookie dough found in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

People will do just about anything to get out of working.

TikToker Gabe Escobar took procrastination (and innovative cooking hacks) to a whole new level in a recent video that racked up almost 3 million views.

Taking a pint of Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream, Escobar removed all of the chunks of cookie dough and set them aside in a separate bowl. The quest? To see if the cookie dough could actually bake a cookie.

“This is what I do when I’m procrastinating my homework,” Escobar captioned the video. He added: “Thought I’d test something I’ve always been curious about.”

Escobar mashed up the cookie dough chunks and microwaved them to soften the dough. Then, he flattened it onto a baking sheet and put it in the oven for 12 minutes. Lo and behold, it actually made a decent cookie.

Ben & Jerry’s actually sells bags of “snackable” cookie dough — a product several commenters mentioned but Escobar said was “no fun”
— that are safe to eat raw.

But this didn’t stop several commenters from expressing doubt over the trick.

“He swapped it out with real cookie dough,” one TikToker said. “Edible cookie dough is mostly sugar and no eggs. The baked cookie would be a crispy melted goo.”

Not exactly. Ben & Jerry’s edible cookie dough is made out of pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour, which makes it OK to eat raw. Plus, this little experiment has been done before.

Apparently, cookies made from Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough taste pretty similar to an average chocolate chip cookie — although I will personally continue eating around the vanilla ice cream to just pick out the raw cookie dough instead of baking.

Other commenters just seemed disappointed Escobar didn’t take advantage of the pre-made mini cookie dough bites.

“Okay but what if you cooked all those little tiny cookie pieces separately as tiny cookies,” someone said.

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