Artist uses thousands of nails and string to make celebrity portraits

Ben Koracevic, AKA the String Art Guy, is a master of what he calls “stringometry” or string art. 

Koracevic hammers thousands of nails into a canvas and threads string through them to create lines and shading. From far away, his intricate portraits of scenes from the NBA and even Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, look like pencil drawings. But up close, you can see and touch the protruding nails and the carefully woven string that creates every detail. 

“The nail acts as the foundation and the string does all the shading, the same as a pencil with drawing! The nails range between 6000 to 39,000 per image and the string ranges between 500 to 3000 meters,” Koracevic told Newsflare. 

His portrait of Johnson used 6,000 nails, 1200 meters of string and took a whopping 250 hours to create. To create dark areas Koracevic layers the string multiple times, for lighter spots he may only criss-cross over the area a few times. The artist is self-taught but decided to pursue his career full-time in 2018. 

“I quit my job 18 months ago and cashed in my life savings to fund an attempt of making a career out of it. I have now spent 70 plus hours a week in my studio practicing and I love it,” Koracevic told Newsflare. 

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