TikTok mom shares the surprising benefit of getting married after having a baby

This TikTok parent shared a surprising benefit of getting married after having a child: She got to include her child in her wedding photos!

Logan Ruble (@logan.faye) is a mom and TikToker who shares funny and relatable videos about life with her husband and her toddler—along with plenty of adorable videos of her toddler son. In a recent video, Logan shared that she gave birth to her son before getting married, then revealed an unexpected benefit of having her son before her wedding: She was able to include him in all of her wedding photos!

The video begins with a shot of Logan sitting in her living room wearing a blue t-shirt. The mom looks contemplative as she stares out into space. In a caption, she writes, “Don’t be sad if you get married after a baby, you get these.”

Logan shakes her head slightly, then breaks out in an ecstatic grin. For a moment, she nods her head in time with the music that plays over the video. Then, the video cuts to Logan’s wedding photos. Each adorable photo features her toddler son!

The first photo shows Logan outdoors wearing a white wedding dress. Green hills stretch out into the distance, and Logan stands in the center of a dirt path, holding her husband’s hand. Her son is caught mid-step, walking ahead of his parents. The adorable toddler wears a pink bow tie and grey shorts with suspenders. 

In the next photo, Logan stands in a field, her long white dress flowing behind her. Her husband stands behind her, wrapping her in a hug, while Logan holds her son in her arms. The family stares out at the hills together. 

Next, Logan and her husband share a kiss, while holding their smiling son between them. 

Then, they are shown holding their toddler by the hands and swinging him in the air. The entire family looks blissfully happy. 

The video ends with two more photos. The first shows Logan holding her son in her arms, while the second shows Logan’s husband holding the toddler by his feet and swinging him in the air as he laughs. 

Viewers applauded Logan’s beautiful video!

“Yes! I love our wedding pics with our baby boy,” wrote one parent. 

“I love those. Y’all are so cute. Your dress is so pretty,” another viewer wrote. 

“Exactly one month until our wedding with our little girl by our side,” commented another TikToker. 

Logan’s video shows just how wonderful it can be to experience your wedding day with your child!

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