Benny Blanco’s ‘feud’ with Charlie Puth takes over TikTok

No one on the internet can figure out why Benny Blanco has become Charlie Puth’s personal internet bully. 

Blanco is a producer and songwriter who has worked on hits with Britney Spears, Rihanna, The Weeknd and, yes, even Charlie Puth. Yet people are mystified as to why Blanco pretty much uses his TikTok exclusively to roast Puth. Is it an inside joke between them? Does Blanco really find Puth that annoying? No one knows, but the internet finds it hysterical nonetheless. 

Does Benny Blanco hate Charlie Puth? 

Puth typically uses his TikTok to discuss music composition with his followers. Hard to take offense with that, right? Nope. Blanco responded to a clip of Puth chatting about beat production. 

“Wait, Charlie, what if you deleted your TikTok, took all of your songs off Spotify and quit music?” Blanco said sarcastically. 

“Wow,” Puth wrote in the comments. 


charlie needs to get a grip already…

♬ original sound – benny blanco

When Charlie tried to explain why a fire alarm sounds unnerving, Blanco had a theory of his own. 

“No, Charlie it’s because it’s a f****** ear-piercing sound, get a grip!” Blanco said

“WHY,” Puth reacted.

“Charles, you make it too easy for me,” Blanco said

“So everyone is asking me how I beatbox and hum at the same time,” Puth said in a video.

“Charlie, no one gives a s***,” Blanco said after beatboxing and humming at the same time. “It’s not even f****** hard to do, get a grip!” 

“Man what did Charlie do to you?” a user asked Blanco. 

“He’s too perfect and must be stopped,” Blanco answered

Based on Blanco and Puth’s interactions in the comment section of each video, these two are probably just having fun with each other. 

Internet reacts to Blanco and Puth’s “feud” 

There were enough videos of Blanco cooking Puth that @ChicksInTheOff made a compilation for Twitter.

“Benny Blanco has made his main purpose in life terrorizing Charlie Puth on TikTok and it’s amazing,” the account tweeted

“I’ve been watching Benny Blanco’s TikToks about him bragging about all the songs he wrote and his beef with Charlie Puth for 45 minutes. He is my new best friend,” @OBLlVVYON wrote in a tweet

“I truly cannot tell if Benny Blanco likes Charlie Puth or not,” @violetboardman1 said on Twitter

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