TikTok users are sharing tips for getting into the world’s ‘most exclusive’ nightclub

Berghain, a nightclub in Berlin, Germany, is even more famous for what happens outside its doors than inside them.

The club, which is sometimes referred to as the “most exclusive” dance party in the world, is famous for its incredibly strict yet completely mysterious entry rules. Even regulars and celebrities aren’t safe from getting rejected at the door: Brittany Spears was once allegedly denied entry for having the “wrong outfit” and Conan O’Brien filmed his own failed attempt in 2016.

There are ways to improve your chances of getting in though. Journalists and travel bloggers have published how-to guides on the topic for years now, and there’s even a website, BerghainTrainer.com, that lets you try your luck on a virtual reality doorman.

Now, TikTok is getting in on the action. Several users have begun sharing their keys to success — both researched and learned firsthand — for getting into the world-famous club.

The trend seemingly started with a teenager who goes by the username pjsorbet. The TikToker posted her own experience with the BerghainTrainer simulator, a test she failed miserably.


trying to get into germany’s most exclusive club (while social distancing) pt 1😳i’m not gonna stop til i pass the vibe check ##fyp ##berghain ##foryou

♬ the berghain club – pjsorbet

“The way they judge you to get into the club is solely based on your vibes,” she says in the clip. “They vibe check you!”

The teen’s post inspired follow-ups from more experienced users, including a Sweden-based influencer named bryanboycom, who shared a list of tips based on his own time inside the club.

His advice was simple, but possibly surprising to those unfamiliar with Berghain’s unofficial rules. The tips, which he shared in a now-viral TikTok ranged from going in the afternoon and waiting in line alone to being polite and avoiding speaking English to the bouncers.

“I’ve been to Bergain many times. Never been rejected,” he wrote at the start of his video.


I love Berghain! I always go whenever I’m in Berlin. ##berghain ##berghaintrainer ##berlin

♬ the berghain club – pjsorbet

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