Berlin Zoo’s twin pandas celebrate first birthday

The Berlin Zoo’s twin panda cubs celebrated their first birthday in August.

Pit and Paule, named Meng Xiang and Meng Yuan in China where they are on loan from, had their very own birthday party. To commemorate the pandas’ one-year milestone zookeepers prepared them a feast fit for a cub.

Berlin Zoo shared the festivities on Instagram.

“Beetroot replaces chocolate cake, carved carrots stand in for candles and tasty bamboo provides decorative bunting,” the photo caption says. “The panda twins at Zoo Berlin are celebrating their first birthday today with a delicious ice cake. The cubs also received a large pile of snow from the penguin house.”

The photo shows the two pandas cozying up to the beet-red frozen cake shaped in the number 1.

The twins are the first pandas to ever be born at the zoo. They were born on August 31, 2019, and each cub was weighed less than 7 ounces but both have since grown to be about 62 pounds. The pandas, including their mother and father, Meng Meng and Jiao Quing, are on loan from a Chinese zoo. The Berlin Zoo pays a rental fee that goes toward conservation work.

To accommodate the cubs, who cannot regulate their own body temperature, the zookeepers had to find a way to stop them from getting overheated.

“To ensure the panda brothers can enjoy sweet dreams at a pleasant temperature, even in the summer months, an alternative climbing and sleeping facility has been created in the shady part of their 1,000-square-meter outdoor habitat,” said zoo director Dr. Andreas Knieriem.

Paule and Pit are officially out of their baby phase, although they are not full-grown, they’re able to explore their habitat.

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