Audio from an old commercial has TikTokers acting like Victorian children

TikTok is obsessed with a jingle from an old TV commercial. Now, people are using it to highlight all the ways modern life can feel Victorian.

You may have already heard the viral sound of a man singing “berries and cream” on your FYP. The tune is actually about 14 years old and thanks to TikTok, it’s making a comeback. People seem to think it encompasses two things: a throwback to a simpler time and total absurdity. 

The original “berries and cream” audio

The snippet actually comes from a 2007 Starburst commercial to advertise the company’s berries and cream flavor. Two young men at a bus stop discussed the candy when they were interrupted by a man dressed as a Victoria-era child

“Berries and cream, berries and cream, I’m a little lad who loves berries and cream!” the man with pageboy haircut sang. 

The commercial was totally bizarre and random. When it first debuted, AdAge even called it “post-modern advertising at its best.” 

The “berries and cream” TikTok trend

The TikTok meme all started on January 5, when Justin McElroy uploaded the sound with a call to action. 

“Please make great art with this sound, it’s what we all need,” McElroy captioned his video. 

Instead of the full ad, the TikTok only featured the small Victorian man singing and dancing against a white background. 

“When my sister throws on the low bun and looks like a 16th-century peasant boy,” @forgottensiblings said in a video


you know thy had good slumber when your pantaloons are to thy knee @salmaaalaaraj #foryoupage #fyp #berriesandcream

♬ original sound – Justin McElroy

“When your sweatpants roll up while you’re sleeping and [you] wake up looking like a carriage boy,” @yzwrld said as she river-danced

“When this is the packaging your socks arrive in,” @size3shrimp said. 

Their knee socks came in a package with someone wearing clogs and pantaloons. 

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