The 7 best cooling blankets on Amazon, according to highly rated customer reviews — starting at $18

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Running hot, especially during the night, is more common than you’d think. Hot sleepers notoriously have a hard time getting and staying comfortable, especially in the warmer months. Their sheets, pajamas and blankets aren’t breathable or, most importantly, cooling and temperature regulating.

To combat this, it’s recommended that you find the best cooling blanket that fits your needs — and Amazon has some of the most effective and the most affordable.

With prices starting at just $18, we’ve found seven of the best-selling and customer-favorite cooling blankets that are also 100% bamboo, meaning they’re completely breathable and temperature regulating.

Check them out below in a bit more detail, each supported by a high-ranking customer review that shows why it’s worth the investment.

1. Fomoom 100% Bamboo Cooling Blanket For Hot Sleepers, $20.99 – $26.99 (Orig. $20.99 – $37.99)

Credit: Amazon

This Amazon’s Choice cooling blanket is made of 100% natural cooling bamboo fibers and is super soft and breathable, making it perfect for use during a hot summer night.

It comes in three colors and two sizes (79 x 91” and 86 x 108”).

Top Review:

“Love how soft this blanket is! I constantly feel overheated, but under this blanket, I felt cool and slept great!”

2. Bedsure Cooling Blanket For Hot Sleepers, $27.99 – $59.99

Credit: Amazon

Bedsure is one of the leading brands in affordable yet effective bedding, so it’s no surprise that its new cooling blanket for hot sleepers is already a best seller. This one is also extremely lightweight and transfers heat to keep you cool on warm nights.

It comes in two colors and four different sizes (50 x 60”, 60 x 80”, 90 x 90” and 104 x 90”).

Top Review:

Buy it now if you’re a hot sleeper! Seriously, this is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I was skeptical, even after reading other people’s reviews, but this thing actually works.”

3. Elegear 100% Bamboo Cooling Blanket For Hot Sleepers, $17.59 – $29.69 (Orig. $22.99 – $34.99)

Credit: Amazon

This is one of the most affordable on the list. The Elegear 100% Bamboo Cooling Blanket is perfect for all-season use. Thanks to its arc-chill bamboo technology, it releases body heat, quickly reduces body temperature and keeps you cool throughout the night.

It comes in four colors and two sizes (59 x 79” and 79 x 86”).

Top Review:

“This blanket is a life saver. I have struggled to find a good summer blanket for years. Either it’s too light, or too hot, or not breathable. This blanket solves all of those problems.”

4. LAGHCAT 100% Bamboo Cooling Blanket, $26.99 – $50.99 (Orig. $26.99 – $100)

Credit: Amazon

Those who have frequent night sweats can’t stop raving about this thin cooling blanket that’s surprisingly cozy. Shoppers who are also hot sleepers even said it helped them fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

It comes in nine different colors and three sizes (59 x 79”, 79 x 90”, and 90 x 108”).

Top Review:

“Best money ever sent! My husband sweats like crazy in his sleep … This blanket is fricken magic!!! He doesn’t sweat anymore, it’s crazy!”

5. AmyHomie 100% Bamboo Cooling Blanket For Hot Sleepers, $24.29 – $52.99 (Orig. $34.99 – $59.99)

Credit: Amazon

Here’s another Amazon’s Choice 100% Bamboo Cooling Blanket that absorbs body heat. It’s also cool to the touch, is super breathable and easy to care for, especially if you’re careless when it comes to washing instructions.

It comes in eight different colors and five sizes (59 x 79”, 79 x 91”, 90 x 90”, 90 x 108” and 90 x 108”).

Top Review:

“I have been using this blanket for almost two weeks and I really like it. I like that it is so lightweight and that it doesn’t weigh you down when sleeping and that it does actually make you feel cooler.”

6. DANGTOP 100% Bamboo All-Season Cooling Blanket, $28.99 – $52.99

Credit: Amazon

This bamboo cooling blanket offers the best of both worlds: it’s Amazon-recommended and has over 7,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Shoppers love that it’s cool to the touch and features high specific heat capacity, which keeps you cool throughout the night for longer.

It comes in a whopping 10 colors and three different sizes (59 x 79”, 79 x 91”, 108 x 90”).

Top Review:

“I’m a fat guy, and I always sleep pretty hot with normal blankets. I love this one. [It’s] very light but not like a sheet. Feels cool to the touch.”

7. Elegear Cooling Throw Blanket With Arc-Chill Cooling Fibers, $35.99 – $69.99

Credit: Amazon

This cooling blanket is the best-reviewed on Amazon, with over 13,000 five-star reviews. Like most of the others on this list, it absorbs heat to keep your body cool and prevent night sweats. What sets this one apart from the others, though, is its double-sided design and arc-chill cooling fibers that provide a luxe and ultra-cooling feel.

It comes in eight colors and four different sizes (51 x 67”, 59 x 79”, 79 x 86” and 90 x 108”).

Top Review:

“Also works for winter! I have been sleeping more comfortably than I ever have been able to during my 15-year marriage to my heat-loving wife! It is no exaggeration to state that this blanket has changed my life for the (much) better.”

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