Man calls out best friend over his ‘selfish’ birthday party plan: ‘This is such nonsense’

A man doesn’t want his best friend’s girlfriend to join his 30th birthday trip. 

The situation is causing tension between him and his friend group so he consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum. He planned a week-long vacation for his birthday. Then his best friend, sister and brother-in-law, all people he is close with, decided to tag along. But when his best friend’s girlfriend wanted to attend, the Reddit poster didn’t think it was appropriate since they are not friends. 

“Once we started planning the AirBnB, my best friend corrected me by putting down four guests because he assumed he would be able to bring his girlfriend along on the trip which he hadn’t mentioned before,” the Reddit poster said. “I don’t have an issue with her as a person but I don’t consider her to be a close personal friend, just my best friend’s girlfriend. I told him that I wanted to keep it as the current small group and didn’t want to feel like a fifth wheel on this trip that was originally meant to celebrate my 30th birthday. I’m not dictating any other aspects of the trip, just the people who I wanted to invite.” 

A month later, and the best friend’s girlfriend is still mad at the Reddit poster. 

“Me, my best friend, and his girlfriend live in the same building and she will immediately walk away from me when she sees me outside and won’t speak to me,” the Reddit poster said. “The two of them think I was being selfish and that she should be able to come along since I’m not paying for everyone’s trip and because I am bringing my brother-in-law even though they both know I consider him a friend. I think she is being entitled and can’t wrap my head around why she feels she has a right to be included in this trip.” 

Reddit users were on the poster’s side in this complicated situation. 

“This is such nonsense,” one user commented

“You planned a trip for your birthday. Guestlist is your call,” a person wrote

“It’s your trip, you can do what you want,” another wrote

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