6 of the best iced coffee makers to make your favorite brew at home

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To most people, coffee isn’t that serious. You want it to taste good, have enough caffeine to keep you awake, and when you want it, you want it now. However, there may be no stronger debate than that of hot coffee versus iced coffee. If you’re on the latter team, these are the best iced coffee makers for brewing the best iced cup of joe at home.

The best iced coffee makers brew your drink without making it taste watered down. You want full flavor combined with a chilled temperature, and yes, you can have it all. As an added bonus, all of the machines on this list are under $200 — some are even less than $50.

OK, so what’s the difference between cold brew and iced coffee?

Admittedly, not a lot. It all comes down to the brewing process.

Cold brew is made without any heat at all, hence the name. It’s made by steeping ground coffee in cool, filtered water for several hours. Naturally, this process takes a while, so many people who prefer cold brew make a whole pitcher to keep in the fridge for a few days. By steeping the coffee for 12 hours or more, it loses most of its acidity, so the taste is often sweeter and smoother.

On the other hand, iced coffee is brewed just like hot coffee. You either let it cool before pouring over ice or pour it over immediately. Honestly, it’s just regular coffee that’s cold.

There are specific iced coffee makers, though.

Nonetheless, many iced coffee makers, or coffee makers with iced brewing options, aim to brew the coffee a little stronger than if it were hot. This way, you won’t have to wait for it to cool down before pouring it over ice because the melting won’t make it taste watered down.

You can take a look below at some of the best iced coffee makers on the market, whether you’re on team iced coffee or considering making the switch.

1. Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker and Filter, $44.99

Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

For the price, you can’t go wrong with this iced coffee maker. Simply fill the machine with water, ice and your favorite coffee grounds, then let it do its magic. Its measuring system brews the perfect ratio of hot, concentrated coffee over ice to give you a bold, flavorful cup of joe. It will never taste watered down or diluted.

2. De’Longhi 3-in-1 Specialty Brewer, $169.95

Credit: Williams Sonoma

OK, this is an award-winning specialty brewer. (It received a Red Dot design award in 2019.) Choose between three different brewing methods, including drip-style, barista-style pour over or fresh iced coffee. For the latter, it brews coffee over ice without watering it down using a “first-of-its-kind proprietary process,” according to its product description.

Pro tip: This machine often sells out, so if you want it and it’s in stock, get it ASAP.

3. Mr. Coffee Iced Hot Single Serve Coffeemaker, $39.99 (Orig. $54.99)

Credit: Target

This single-serve coffee maker is pod-free — it has a reusable coffee filter that’s big enough to brew up to 16 ounces of coffee, hot or iced. It also comes with a reusable iced coffee tumbler (with a lid and straw) and a dual-sided scoop. Get it in six different colors to match your kitchen — or to stand out!

4. K-Slim + ICED Single Serve Coffee Maker, $129.99

Credit: Keurig

Keurig is a household name for a reason — its machines make brewing coffee at home super easy. The K-Slim is one of the brand’s most compact machines, and this one offers an iced coffee option. According to the product description, it “automatically adjusts [the] brew temperature, starting hotter to help extract full flavor, then cooling down so there’s less ice melt for vibrant, balanced flavor.”

5. Ninja DualBrew Pro Coffee Maker, $189.99 (Orig. $229.99)

Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

If you like iced coffee but also want the option to make hot coffee, lattes, espresso and boil water, this machine basically does it all. You can brew anything from a small cup to a whole carafe of coffee, plus froth milk with the attached frother. Additionally, you can use coffee grounds or K-cups to brew. However, its iced option is like most others on this list in that it brews a stronger, bolder coffee over ice to ensure it won’t dilute the taste.

6. HyperChiller, $24.99

Credit: Amazon

The most affordable option on this list is the HyperChiller. However, it’s not a coffee maker at all. Instead, it’s more of an ice-cold shaker that turns hot coffee into cold coffee in 60 seconds or less. You brew your coffee straight into the HyperChiller, put the lid on, shake it up and pour over ice immediately. You don’t even have to pour it over ice if you don’t want to — your coffee will already be cold post-shake.

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