8 trendy cookware brands that you probably didn’t know exist

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When it comes to stocking your kitchen with all the best (and affordable) cookware and accompanying utensils, a few name brand names might come to mind when doing an initial search. But while you scroll through the never-ending rabbit hole of genius kitchen gadgets, you might be surprised to find a plethora of new direct-to-consumer, high-quality cookware brands that will make you feel like a star of “Top Chef.”

While we’ve been obsessing over some of the most popular DTC brands like Away for modernized suitcases, Warby Parker for convenient prescription eyewear, Casper for mattresses in a box and Everlane for chic wardrobe basics, there were also several new cookware companies popping up under our noses the whole time, and here, we’re highlighting our favorites.

If you’re one who is easily swayed by beautiful product branding and those pesky Instagram ads (yes, I’m guilty too), you might want to hold off on upgrading your cookware sets until you scour through these cookware startups, including Great Jones, Equal Parts, Material Kitchen and Caraway, just to name a few. Gone are the days you need to buy cheap IKEA pots and pans β€” it’s time to treat yourself (and your kitchen) to quality items that are actually worth their price tag.

Plus, not only are these new companies serving you with superior products, but each one has a story behind its brand. For instance, Great Jones was founded by two women who have been childhood friends for 20 years, and Field Company was started by two brothers who named their business after their grandmother.

A great story behind an even better product? We’ll take that any day. Read on to learn more about the new cookware brands you’re about to start seeing everywhere.


Credit: Caraway

The belief behind Caraway cookware is simple: cooking essentials without the chemicals. No matter your expertise, Caraway specializes in offering cookware that is made with non-toxic surfaces and can easily be organized in your cabinets. Compared to other non-slick cookware, Caraway’s ceramic cookware uses a mineral-based coating that won’t leach into your food, and it still allows food to easily slide off the cooking surface.

And you can say goodbye to your lids and pans falling over each other in the cabinet β€” Caraway has created a no-brainer storage system that includes a modular pan rack and a hanging lids holder that comes with each set. Plus, we can’t stop ogling over these millennial-approved colors that the cookware comes in. 😍

Our favorite items to shop:

Material Kitchen

Credit: Material Kitchen

With the mission to “help people create more space for the meaningful moments our kitchens deserve,” Material Kitchen focuses on design and functionality when it comes to its sleek kitchen offerings. With the promise that its cookware is 40 to 50 percent less than typical high-end, premium brands, these good-looking kitchen tools will elevate your kitchen but won’t cost you a fortune.

While Material Kitchen is known for its cookware like its coated pan, which uses a one-of-a-kind stainless steel alloy built around a core of copper, the brand also has a variety of utensils and knives that you can buy as bundles.

Our favorite items to shop:

Great Jones

Credit: Great Jones

Founded by BFFs Sierra Tishgart and Maddy Moelis in 2018, Great Jones is that cookware company you’ve probably seen taking over your Instagram feed but for good reason. Not only is the story of the brand super special β€” the two have been childhood friends for 20 years and the name Great Jones is a nod to Judith Jones who published the work of Julia Childs β€” the cookware startup has established cult-favorite status among millennials.

While you can buy all the Great Jones items in the Family Style set, it’s a little pricey if you’re only looking to upgrade your staples, like this multifunctional Dutch oven that’s oven-safe up to 500 degrees. Stuck on what tools to buy? Great Jones has a handy buying guide that compares all its products here.

Our favorite items to shop:

Equal Parts

Credit: Equal Parts

Designed to cook faster and clean easier, Equal Parts will make you want to cook more and actually enjoy it. With the goal of helping you take back your time and attention in the kitchen, Equal Parts designs cookware made for beginners and experienced chefs alike, basically anyone who loves to enjoy the simplicity of cooking.

Not only are we obsessed with its minimalist-inspired matte black hue, but if you start with one thing from Equal Parts, let it be the best-selling ceramic-coated Big Pan. This skillet allows the heat to be evenly distributed throughout and has an even easier clean-up β€” you won’t find anything clinging to this pan after cooking since its naturally slick coating helps messes glide right off.

Our favorite items to shop:

Our Place

Credit: Our Place

There’s nothing better than sharing a meal with friends, and one of Our Place’s main mission is to create products “that connect people over home-cooking.” Not only will you find Our Place’s best-selling Always Pan that does the work of eight pieces of traditional cookware, the company also focuses on offering kitchen items that help bring people closer together. We love its clever (and chic!) stackable dishes and cups that’ll instantly make your dinner parties seem fancier while also keeping your cabinet more organized.

Our favorite items to shop:

Made In

Credit: Made In

With a 100-year family history in kitchen supply, Made In co-founders Jake Kalick and Chip Malt know a thing or two about cookware. What makes this cookware special though is that the brand prides itself on sourcing and using materials from family-owned manufacturers in the U.S., France and Italy to craft quality items you can use over and over. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Made In kitchenware is now used in multiple three-Michelin-star restaurants (yes, you read that right).

With Made In products, you can always expect innovative design. For example, blue carbon steel pans have always been a French staple, but when Made In decided to put them on the radar in the U.S., the company found a carbon steel factory that’s been making the pans for almost 300 years, and now it’s one of the company’s best-selling items.

Our favorite items to shop:


Credit: Potluck

There’s no reason to spend a whole paycheck on cookware. Potluck is here with some of the most affordable cookware sets. You won’t see those retail markups, and all of its items were crafted from hundreds of cooks’ feedback.

Potluck keeps its options simple too β€” the brand currently offers only four different bundles, which makes it a great pick for buying those who are investing in kitchen essentials for the first time. The largest bundle, the Essentials Set, comes with 22 pieces from stainless steel pots and pans to carbon steel knives.

Our favorite items to shop:

Field Company

Credit: Field Company

When you’ve decided to invest in cast iron skillets, Field Company is our no. 1 pick. Started by two brothers who inherited 1930s cast iron pans from their grandmother’s family (who the brand is named after), Field Company was born after the two began obsessing with learning how to restore and refurbish vintage cast iron pans.

Now the company specializes in perfecting the cast iron skillet by making it a smoother, lighter and easier-to-use version of this classic American kitchen tool. But why cast iron you might ask? It has a natural non-stick surface, is superior when it comes to heat retention and since it has a long lifespan, it just might become that family heirloom you pass down to your grandkids, too. Field Company makes its skillets in five sizes, starting with one that’s a little more than six inches.

Our favorite items to shop:

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