This air-circulating pedestal fan is so powerful that it feels like an AC — plus, it blows air in every direction

In the summer, especially when there’s a brutal heat wave, it’s hard to resist the urge to turn on the AC. In fact, in most cases, there’s no way around it. I’ve found that the best way to avoid racking up your power bill through air conditioner use is by investing in a high-quality air circulator pedestal fan, and this one from Dreo is the best I’ve tried.

Dreo Smart Oscillating Air-Circulating Pedestal Fan, $139.99

Credit: Amazon

While tower fans are some of the trendiest and most convenient fans right now, most aren’t powerful enough to keep an entire room cool. Air circulator fans are best for this as they don’t only oscillate horizontally but at various angles (both horizontally and vertically). Its multi-angle reach gets the air moving through all areas in the room, cooling you faster and for longer.

This air-circulating fan from Dreo comes in a pedestal form that’s much more compact and modern than what you’re used to seeing from brands like Lasko and PELONIS. It has that perfect mix of vintage and modern design that looks super high-end in any room.

Credit: Amazon

What I love most about this fan is that it keeps me cool in super hot weather, taking the place of my AC unit most times. This is thanks to its six modes that customize airflow. Specifically, turbo mode produces extremely powerful, cool gusts that bounce off the walls. With the air circulation feature turned on, this gets the room super cool in just a couple of minutes.

Like all of Dreo’s smart products, the Dreo Smart Oscillating Air-Circulating Pedestal Fan works seamlessly with virtual assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. It also easily pairs with the well-engineered and easy-to-use Dreo App that lets you control every feature from your smartphone.

This new pedestal fan is already a best seller on Amazon and even has the coveted “Amazon’s Choice” stamp of approval. Shoppers are shocked by how powerful it is, even when it’s not at its highest speed.

This thing really blows!” one five-star reviewer wrote. “I am honestly blown away!”

The same shopper added that it’s also super quiet — a sentiment I fully stand behind — and likens the Turbo mode to “standing in a hurricane” in the best way possible.

If you’re looking for the absolute best pedestal fan for summer — especially one that will give your AC a rest — this is the one to buy.

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