Tired of buying plug-ins? These 6 scent diffusers last longer and spread farther

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Whether you live in an apartment or a larger home, one thing we all love is a good scent. Whether you prefer something fresh and crisp or a more robust aroma, a pleasantly scented living space can instantly improve your mood and productivity.

Most folks use scented candles and plug-ins with artificial fragrances to get the job done. However, not only are these options not best-recommended for your health, but most don’t last very long and only spread to a few feet from the source. One of the best ways to get a widespread scent that’s also completely natural is with a scent diffuser. Below are the six best options actually worth your investment.

To make your shopping experience easier, we’ve separated each into six categories:

Before getting into which scent diffusers are best for your indoor space, let’s go over why experts say scented candles and plug-ins aren’t the safest for your health — especially if you have allergies.

According to Valley Pain Consultants, besides the risk of fire, scented candles “give off smoke, which can irritate people with nasal allergies.” In fact, they added that scented candles “can be no different than cigarette smoke” for some and can trigger uncomfortable symptoms such as a runny nose, watery eyes and headaches.

Burning paraffin wax — the main component of most scented candles — also produces soot, with particles that “remain in the air for hours after being burned.” The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also conducted a study proving that more fragrant candles “produce more soot.”

As for scented plug-ins such as those from popular brands like Glade and Air Wick, Valley Pain Consultants said they’re just as harmful, as most of them contain artificial fragrances. “The chemicals found in the fragrance and wax have researchers fearing that long-term use of these items may also lead to allergy irritation and asthma.”

Instead, they suggest using essential oil diffusers to “create a wonderful aroma with therapeutic benefits.”

“Diffusing oils such as lavender, peppermint and frankincense can deodorize the household air of odor, promote a calm environment and support respiration, all while leaving your home smelling great,” the article continued.

Now that we know the facts, keep scrolling to check out our six favorite essential oil diffusers that are both beneficial and beautiful.

1. Best Looking: Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, $71.40 (Orig. $119)

Credit: Vitruvi

Hands down, Vitruvi is one of the most stunning scent diffusers I’ve ever seen. With so many color variations to choose from, it’s extremely easy to find one that perfectly complements your home aesthetic.

While most diffusers are flimsy and lightweight, Vitruvi’s Stone Diffuser boasts a healthy heft thanks to its matte ceramic build. This beautiful finish allows it to double as a piece of decor.

As previously explained, a diffuser is a great way to scent your space safely and naturally, and Vitruvi’s is extremely easy to use. First, fill up the water reservoir to the fill line. Then, add 20-25 drops of 100% pure essential oils — the brand’s Essentials Kit has eucalyptus, spruce, lavender and grapefruit. Next, pop the plastic cap and ceramic cover back on. Then, just select your time setting, and you’re done.

I own the eucalyptus Vitruvi diffuser and get so many compliments any time someone steps foot into my apartment. While my previous Glade plug-ins only scented part of one room, this diffuser disperses the scent throughout most of my apartment with ease.

2. Most Portable: Vitruvi Move Diffuser, $107.40 (Orig. $179)

Credit: Vitruvi

If you prefer a portable and wireless scent diffuser, the Vitruvi Move Diffuser is the best pick. You can move this one from room to room as you please after it charges on the included charging pad.

Move it to your coffee table while you’re reading a book, your bathroom counter while you’re taking a bath or your entryway as your guests come over. This one is definitely a must-have for those with limited electrical outlets.

3. Best 2-In-1 Option: GuruNanda Halo 2-in-1 Humidifier and Essential Oil Diffuser, $77.99 (Orig. $129.99)

Credit: GuruNanda

This device gives you the best of both worlds. It doubles as a full-function humidifier to help eliminate dry air and as an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser to emit a powerful, natural room-filling fragrance. Best of all? It does both simultaneously.

More robust than most similar devices on the market, the Guru Nanda Halo has an unmatched run time of up to 22 hours per fill and a convenient top-fill design that’s easy to use and clean. The feature-packed device has shut-off mist timers, optional light modes, a sleep mode and an automatic safety shut-off feature.

I use this as a cool-mist humidifier for my large plants and as an essential oil diffuser to fill my entire apartment with natural “smell-goods.” It literally only takes a few essential oil drops for it to leave your home smelling fresh.

4. Most Affordable: Sierra Modern Home Smart Wi-Fi Wireless Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser, $39.95 (Orig. $59.95)

Credit: Amazon

Those looking for a much more affordable ultrasonic essential oil diffuser and humidifier hybrid will love the $40 Wireless Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser from Sierra Modern Home.

This diffuser has Amazon editors’ stamp of approval and over 14,000 customer reviews. What sets this apart from the others on this list, aside from its affordable price, is its Wi-Fi integration. Use it like a normal diffuser or download the companion app to control features like LED color, mist intensity, timer settings, scheduling and more directly from your smartphone. It’s even Alexa and Google Home compatible!

This one is an absolute steal and boasts an elegant design that perfectly fits into any space.

5. Best Plug-In Diffuser: Pura Smart Home Fragrance Device Starter Pack, $64 (Orig. $92.75)

Credit: Amazon

Yes, this pick is a plug-in, but unlike those from AirWick and Glade that emit synthetic fragrances, the Pura Smart Home Fragrance Device diffuses 100% natural essential oils and oil blends like traditional diffusers. Think of it as a much more compact, plug-in scent diffuser.

Pura’s diffusers were designed to specifically work in any type of room. Like the Sierra Modern Home Wireless Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser, it has a sleek and well-engineered companion app that lets you control all of its features from your smartphone.

Best of all, though, Pura has collaborated with top brands like Disney, Kenneth Cole, Anthropologie, Floral Street, Homesick and more to deliver unique and clean fragrances fit for all types of preferences and moods. You’ll never go back to traditional and unsafe plug-ins again!

6. Best Bundle: Saje Aroma Om Kit (In Bloom Edition), $100

Credit: Saje

Scent diffusers need essential oils to work their magic, but, unfortunately, most require that they be purchased separately. However, Saje’s best-selling Aroma Om Kit comes with both the award-winning diffuser and its own 100% natural essential oil blend in one compact package.

The stunning diffuser comes in a limited-edition Eucalyptus shade and comes paired with a renewing, floral and sweet diffuser blend called Bloom. The fragrant and calming blend contains grapefruit, ho wood and ylang-ylang which gives off an exhilarating aroma that smells like the first blossoms of spring.

Saje’s diffuser mists for up to three continuous hours and six hours, when set to the intermittent setting. Snag this limited-edition kit now before it sells out! There are only a few more left in stock!

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