This is the best seat on any airplane, according to a pilot

Sitting on an airplane isn’t always the most comfortable experience — especially if you’re not flying first class.

Pilot Nick Eades recently told LADbible the best place to sit on a plane. Eades, who has been called the most experienced Boeing 747 pilot in the world, made his suggestion based on where it’s safest to sit, so you’ll have to do your own investigating when it comes to seats with the most legroom or best view. 

Whether you choose a seat in the front or back of the plane doesn’t matter as much as you might think. 

“Sitting at the front of the plane is as safe as sitting at the back, and vice versa,” Eades told LADbible

However, there is one special row of seats that the pilot declared the most optimal in an emergency. 

“Always offer to sit by the emergency exits,” Eades told LADbible. “As long as you’re able-bodied, I think probably the best seats are the ones closest to the exits. Then if there is an abandoned take-off [or] there is a catastrophic failure, you can either help people out or be the first to get out of the airplane yourself. You’re in a very good position.”

The pilot said picking the emergency exit seats is “common sense if you think about it.” The location also makes it easier to get a grasp of your surroundings so that you can make an emergency plan.

“You’re looking at your own safety and you’ve got to plan,” he told LADbible. “If you’re sitting on an airplane, look where the exits are, think to yourself, ‘Okay if we do have a catastrophic failure, especially on take-off or landing, and I have to get out, which way do I go?’ And that’s all you need to do.”

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