We spent a day letting this viral ‘SwitchBot’ gadget automate our lives

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The best smart devices are the ones that make your life easier.

That’s exactly what SwitchBot promises to do. The TikTok-famous gadget, which has divided users on the app, can control a wide range of devices straight from your phone.

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Basically, the gadget links to an app on your phone, which allows you to control it from anywhere in Bluetooth range. TikTok users claim the SwitchBot works for almost anything — from light switches to coffee makers to door buzzers and everything in between.

The SwitchBot comes with pre-attached command strips, so you can clamp it on to anything you want to operate. Then, at the tap of an iPhone screen, a tiny, robotic arm will come out of the gadget and hit whatever switch, button or lever you want to automate.

But how well does it work, really? Some TikTokers call it “pointless” or “a new level of laziness.” Others swear it’s changed their lives.

To find out the truth, we forced our editor to live an entire day with SwitchBot, automating as many tasks as humanly possible. Watch the video above to find out exactly what went down or keep reading below.

Is SwitchBot one of the best smart devices out there? Here’s our take

Ultimately our editor worked the SwitchBot into six parts of his daily routine. Here’s what he tried:

  • Making coffee in the morning
  • Logging into a Zoom meeting
  • Leaving a work meeting gone wrong
  • Turning off a light switch
  • Turning on a record player
  • Lighting a candle

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Here’s where the SwitchBot made our editor’s life easier, and where it totally failed.

Making coffee in the morning: This was … a failure. Our editor tried making coffee from bed by rigging the SwitchBot to his machine — but when he did, it just fell off.

Logging into a Zoom meeting: Late for a virtual meeting but still want to make it seem like you’re there? SwitchBot can help. Our editor used the gadget to log into a work call — even though he was a room away sitting on the couch.

Leaving a work meeting gone wrong: When our editor realized he’d failed to turn in a story on time, he successfully used the SwitchBot to escape. He rigged the gadget to his WiFi router — and faked internet issues to get out of a pinch.

Turning off a light switch: This was also a success. The SwitchBot has no problem turning off lights. Turning them back on is another story though.

Turning on a record player: Our editor rigged the gadget to his record player, dropping the needle from his couch after a long day. This was a surprisingly effective use for the device.

Lighting a candle: Lastly, the candle was a major failure. SwitchBot will not operate a lighter for you (and we don’t recommend trying!).

Final verdict?

As far as smart devices go, the SwitchBot has its limitations. But, it worked four out of our six tests, which isn’t a bad number.

Also, for less than $30, it’s worth buying for the fun factor alone. The gadget is a great way to impress your friends — or, again, get out of a work meeting!

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