Can this viral ‘super sponge’ really clean up any spill?

Is this “scientific” cleaning tool really the best sponge out there?

That’s what TikTokers say about the Sph2onge — a super-absorbant, high-tech sponge that can apparently tackle “any” spill. It’s apparently so absorbent that you can set it in a bowl of water and watch it automatically suck up the liquid.


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In a now-viral clip by user @ourfavoritefinds, the TikToker showed how the Sph2onge can hold tons and tons of water without spilling a drop.

The video now has millions of views and plenty of praiseworthy comments. Still, can a sponge really be that exciting? We had to find out for ourselves.

So, we ordered a few Sph2onges and put them to the ultimate cleaning test — wiping up two massive bottles of sticky soda. To see how the super sponge fared against other cleaning methods, watch the video above or keep reading below.

Is the ‘best sponge’ on TikTok really the easiest way to clean spills?

We tested Sph2onge against two classic mess-cleaning tools: paper towels and a regular, generic-brand sponge. Here’s how each one fared in our three-part competition.

Price: When it comes to price, the Sph2onge comes in last — costing about $20 to order a three-pack. Meanwhile, paper towels cost us $2 for a roll, and a three-pack of generic sponges was $4. This round goes to the paper towels — even though, unlike with the sponges, you have to throw them away after one use.

Speed: To test things fairly, we had each of our cleaning tools tackle one-third of our giant soda mess. The super sponge handled its share in just 38 seconds, while it took a regular sponge 70 seconds —almost twice as long. The paper towels were somewhere in between, finishing in 59 seconds.

Absorbency: For this test, we went full infomercial and filled up our cleaning tools with water. Then, we dumped them over a bucket to see which could hold the most liquid. The super sponge won out easily here, holding about three times more liquid than our other methods.

All in all, the super sponge was an easy winner. This thing is fast, effective and can hold so much moisture that you don’t even have to wring it out while you’re cleaning. For once, the TikTok hype was spot-on here.

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