A new map breaks down our favorite Thanksgiving sides by state

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving sides are the real stars of holiday season.

Just like with Taylor Swift albums or Kardashian-Jenner sisters, no one can seem to agree on the best one.

Thankfully, career site Zippia has made things easier for us (or harder, depending on how you feel about mac and cheese). Using Google search data, the site put together a map of each state’s “favorite” Thanksgiving side.

The map, which sparked a massive debate on Twitter, features plenty of holiday mainstays: Mashed potatoes won out in 10 states, while green bean casserole and mac and cheese were close behind with seven and six states respectively.

There are a few strange quirks worth pointing out, too. Cranberry sauce, one of the all-time Thanksgiving staples, only managed to win in one state (New Hampshire). Also, of all Thanksgiving sides to choose from, Maine’s was somehow “side salad?”

As Zippia explained, these results are mainly because the site looked at comparative searches, not total searches overall.

“For example, while Maine eats all the Thanksgiving classics the rest of the country does, the search interest in side salad is excessively higher than the remaining states, making side salads more popular in Maine than anywhere else,” the site wrote.

That clarity didn’t help social media, though. Twitter users sounded off against the map, expressing both pride and shame over their state’s most beloved side.

“Missouri I AM ASHAMED,” one user wrote of the state’s apparent love of rolls.

“If it isn’t mashed potatoes you’re wrong,” another claimed.

“Who tf eats a side salad for thanksgiving,” another asked.

“Who’s goes into a thanksgiving dinner and thinks ‘imma about to tear up this corn,'” another wrote, seemingly calling out Iowa.

No matter where you live, it’s clear that debates about the best Thanksgiving sides will always exist. One solution? Do what many Twitter users (and this writer) suggested, which is to eat some of everything.

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