Best “tortilla hack” recipes we’ve seen on TikTok

It’s safe to say the famous TikTok tortilla hack could change the way we think about lunch for years to come. Now that the hype seems to be wrapping up a bit, we sought out the most creative, tastiest-looking tortilla hack recipe videos we could find and it’s a feast for your eyes and your stomach! 

This Cheesy Ramen Wrap


This unique dish comes from TikTok user @ashfoodhunter. Made with Samyang brand ramen noodles, chili sauce, cheddar cheese and eggs, this wrap is a noodle-lover’s dream come true. If you’ve never had cheese with ramen, seeing this melty masterpiece should make you want to change that ASAP. 

This Healthy Vegan Wrap

In the mood for something lighter? This simple option comes from @feedyoursouldiet. The fully-vegan wrap contains ketchup, lettuce & onions, beans & corn, cabbage & carrots, and some fresh guacamole. One user commented “That’s too healthy for me,” and got 80 likes. If you agree, you’ll love our next wrap. 

This KFC-Inspired Wrap

This finger lickin’ good wrap was posted by @sydneyfoodblogger. It takes KFC’s chicken strips, popcorn chicken and french fries, and rolls it up with some cheddar cheese and spicy mayo sauce. After a quick sear, dip it in some KFC gravy to top things off. Is THAT too healthy for you?! 

This Bubble Tea Wrap


Created by boba-enthusiast TikTok team Sunny & Sarah (@nimms_) this recipe takes the yummy flavors of bubble tea and wraps them all up as one tasty treat! It combines bananas, jam, chocolate sprinkles and boba (tapioca pearls). What could possibly be bad? 

This Crispy Chicken Seaweed Wrap


This Asian-inspired recipe replaces the classic tortilla with a seaweed sheet! Made by @makaansukasuka, this clever wrap combines chicken katsu, scrambled eggs, white rice and spicy mayo to make the perfect crunchy lunch. If chicken isn’t your thing, you can also use seaweed to make a sushi-inspired wrap! 

This Chocolaty Dessert Wrap



Dit was zó lekker 😍 Als je zin hebt in iets zoets, maak dit!! 🌯 #tortillatrend #tortillawrap

♬ Roxanne – Instrumental – Califa Azul

Made by TikToker Bo Beljaars (@bokado), this simple recipe, which got over 1 million views, combines chocolate, bananas, strawberries, and crushed Oreos. It’s an easy-to-make recipe that’s sure to satisfy any sweet-toothed customers you could think of! 

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