Woman confounds TikTok with her ‘crazy’ vegetable-cooking hack

A home chef is going viral after sharing the alleged best way to cook broccoli.

A TikToker named Stephanie (@steph2302) posted the hack in early April. Her “crazy” trick is drawing praise and criticism in equal measures — with some saying it’s a major time-saver while others are arguing that it’s less healthy than other techniques.

It’s just the latest in a long line of TikTok cooking hacks to spark similar debates. Recently, a meal prep company owner went viral after sharing his technique for cutting bell peppers. Before that, a user shared her tip for baking “perfectly round” cookies.

Stephanie’s life hack is simple. According to her video, she cooks broccoli by boiling the head upside-down inside a pot.

The trick is seemingly convenient because it cooks all of the broccoli quickly at once — and makes it easy to cut before serving. The broccoli in Stephanie’s video seems to be so soft that she’s able to cut it with the dull end of a fork.

Many users praised the advice.

“You just changed my life,” one commenter wrote.

“I think this is a brilliant idea, less mess!” another agreed. “I’m going to try it next time.”

Others were far more critical. Some users were confused as to why Stephanie doesn’t cook the stems, while others claimed her broccoli was “overcooked.”

“The stem is the best bit,” one user argued.

“When you boil it all the goodness goes into the water, it’s best to steam it,” another added.

“So overcooked,” another agreed.

While it’s a matter of preference whether you’re #TeamStem or #TeamNoStem, there is some evidence behind the claims that Stephanie’s hack is less healthy. As one nutritionist told News.com.au, there are healthier ways to cook the vegetable.

“If you’ve boiled broccoli that soft that you can cut it with a fork, you have certainly boiled out a bunch of nutrients like vitamins E, K, calcium and polyphenols, too,” nutritionist Lyndi Cohen told the site.

Cohen suggested blanching, baking or stir-frying broccoli, in order to preserve its nutrients. Many TikTok commenters seemed to echo that advice.

“The stem, when it’s stir-fried in garlic and nice herbs and stuff, is the BEST,” one user wrote.

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