Woman baffles TikTok users with ‘jaw-dropping’ hot dog-eating hack

A TikTok user is going viral after sharing the potential best way to make hot dogs — and all it takes is one simple life hack.

It’s the latest food prep hack to go viral on TikTok. In recent months, users have shared their tricks for squeezing lemons, keeping bananas fresh at home and making “homemade” ginger ale out of two popular soda brands. Plus, snack brands like Ritz took to the app to share the “real reason” its crackers are shaped the way they are.

This unique tip, which comes from user Sheena Marie (@sheenamarieq), claims to show the ultimate way to prepare a hot dog. Marie’s trick, which some users called “jaw-dropping,” is incredibly simple.

“No more messy ketchup and mustard on your lips,” Marie wrote in her post.


no more messy ketchup and mustard on your lips 😂 ##lifehacks

♬ Ultimate life hacks – Kelly – The Life Bath

In the video, Marie shows how one simple maneuver can apparently make it easier to eat a hot dog. According to her clip, all you have to do is flip it.

The video shows Marie putting ketchup and mustard on a hot dog before spinning the meat around in the bun. That way, the sauces are tucked into the bun — where they’re less likely to rub off on your face.

Marie’s trick divided TikTok users. Some were extremely impressed by the trick or said they did the same thing.

“Wait, what?” one user wrote.

“Omg, I do this!” another added.

“I’ve been doing that for years,” another agreed.

Others were less sold on the trick, though. Some commenters questioned whether or not it was actually helpful.

“Or put ketchup and mustard on before the hot dog,” one user suggested.

“The point of eating a hot dog is to get messy,” another claimed.

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