BFF helps mom out by taking care of baby for 3 months

This woman on TikTok helped take care of her best friend’s baby for 3 months, and watching their bond grow is incredible!

Julia Davis (@julia_adavis) is a TikToker best known for running a website called The Little Business Library, which functions as an online archive of small businesses, listed by specialty, across the country. Recently, Davis posted a video montage from when she spent 3 months taking care of her best friend’s baby, Madeline, and it’s truly heartwarming. 


she’s going to the same preschool where her mom and I met 22 years ago @margeandmads #bestie #babybestie

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The clip begins with footage of adorable baby Madeline dressed in a pink onesie with a matching bib. “3 months ago, I agreed to keep my bestie’s baby during the day,” Davis explains through on-screen captions. 

“She needed someone to watch Madeline until she could start preschool,” Davis continues over a shot of Madeline smiling during tummy time.

“Since I work from home, it made sense for her to hang with me,” Davis notes over footage of Madeline playing in her crib, wide awake from an afternoon nap

“3 months seemed like such a long time to have a baby in my apartment for 6-8 hours a day,” 

Davis confesses over a shot of Madeline giggling in her highchair.

“But it flew by,” Davis notes during footage of her rocking Madeline to sleep. 

“I blinked, and our time was up,” she states while a video of Madeline sitting in Davis’ lap and typing on the computer plays.

As the clip cuts to a shot of Madeline bouncing happily in her playpen, Davis admits that she “kind of wishes she didn’t have to go to preschool.”

“But we’re soaking up these last days of Madeline + Julia time,” Davis assures as the two enjoy their respective drinks of Dunkin’ Donuts and formula. 

The love between the two is palpable, and viewers seem to agree. 

“And this is how you choose which friends are godparent material. It’s so much more than a title,” one user said. 

“This is proof that you don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to co-parent. I’m sure your friend appreciates your help more than you know,” another viewer mentioned. 

Notions of what makes a family are more inclusive than ever, and Davis wonderfully illustrates that nurturing bond in this video.

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