Bride discovers ‘freaky’ coincidence after sharing childhood memory with her husband

A woman is raising eyebrows after sharing a “freaky” connection between her marriage and the Bible verse Nahum 1:7.

TikTok user @mrs_younks shared the wild coincidence in a viral video. The story has many users saying it’s evidence that the TikToker and her husband were meant to be.

As @mrs_younks explained in the clip, the story began when she was a teenager. Apparently, several girls in her church were writing love letters to their fictional “future husbands,” so the TikToker decided to join in.

“So I started writing… but I only wrote two, and then I forgot about it,” @mrs_younks said. “And then I stuck them in a notebook, and I never looked at them again.”

According to @mrs_younks, she didn’t remember anything about the letters — or what they contained — until years later, when she was about to marry her current husband. That’s when she rediscovered the letters and decided to give them to her fiancé at their wedding.

“On one of the letters, I had written an obscure Bible verse — it was like Nahum 1:7,” she said. “But when I gave it to him at our wedding, we realized that he had Nahum 1:7 tattooed on his arm.”


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The TikToker went on to add that her husband had apparently gotten his Nahum 1:7 tattoo the same year she wrote her letters. Back then, both of them were still teenagers and had no idea that the other existed.

Some commenters were freaked out by @mrs_younks’ story, while others found it romantic. Either way, almost every user seemed totally blown away.

“I’m not religious but that’s freaky,” one user wrote.

“That gave me goosebumps,” another added.

“What in the world? That’s incredible,” another wrote.

The TikTok struck an encouraging tone on the app, especially as so many other users have gone viral for sharing their marriage-related nightmares. In one recent clip, a woman claimed she discovered her husband had a “second family” after reading about it in the newspaper. In another, a TikToker repeatedly proposed to his nervous wife at Disney World.

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