Are these ‘Big Mac tacos’ better than McDonald’s?

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A hack for making Big Mac tacos out of McDonald’s burgers is blowing up online.

The recipe, which essentially turns one great thing (Big Macs) into another, even greater thing (tacos), is just the latest fast-food hack to go viral. In the past, social media users have drawn praise — and criticism — for combining McDonald’s ice cream with chili oil, making custom versions of Taco Bell’s Baja Blast and ordering Starbucks drinks inspired by viral breakfast trends.

This latest fast-food hack is even more out there, though. That’s why we decided to test it out — with some help from this rotating taco gadget from Nostalgia.

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With stomachs empty, our imaginations open and our gadget ready to, we set out to try the Big Mac taco recipe that everyone’s talking about. Bravely, In The Know producer Justin O’Reilly volunteered to sacrifice his stomach.

So he ordered several Big Macs, then compared the hack to his favorite tried-and-true “regular” taco recipe. To find out which meal won, watch the video above or keep reading.

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How to make Big Mac tacos

Making Big Mac tacos is, thankfully, even easier than making a regular taco. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An order of Big Mac burgers (depending on how many tacos you want)
  • A sharp knife
  • A rolling pin or wine bottle (for flattening the buns)

First up, start “deconstructing” your Big Macs. This means taking off the buns and removing the beef patties, which you’ll then chop up into ground beef-sized pieces. Set the onions, lettuce, pickles and other toppings aside for now.

Then, use the rolling pin to flatten your buns. One roll should be good — you don’t want to break these!

After that, fold your flattened buns in half until they basically look like taco shells. This is where something like the Nostalgia Taco Lazy Susan comes in handy, because it keeps your burger bun “tortillas” in place.

Now it’s time to scoop in your chopped patties. Follow that up by adding in the rest of your ingredients, and there you go! It’s taco time, baby!

Are Big Mac tacos even better than regular tacos?

Once our tacos were ready, we compared them to our “regular” tacos on three points of criteria:

  • Convenience: Big Mac tacos were a big winner here, since making them is barely more difficult than ordering McDonald’s. The regular tacos, meanwhile, involve cooking up beef, veggies and any other toppings you want.
  • Price: Justin ordered six Big Macs for delivery, which cost a total of $58.60. The cost of his taco ingredients from the grocery store was just $48.33. Score one for the regular tacos.
  • Taste: Obviously, this was the most important category. The Big Mac tacos were delicious, but they basically just tasted like a burger. For that reason, the tacos managed to eke out a win.

So there you have it. Big Mac tacos might not be as good as a regular taco, but they are a fun take on one of the most classic fast-food meals out there. We’d definitely recommend giving them a try!

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