Big sister already ‘over’ newborn sibling: ‘Can we send it back now, Mom?’

Being an older sibling always sounds great at first. A younger sibling means another person to play with, someone to teach, someone to witness all the crazy things mom and dad do. But it’s not always all it’s cracked up to be. One big sister had to find that out the hard way. 

TikTok mom @omgebelin has two daughters, toddler Ava and baby Ivy. When Ivy was still a newborn, let’s just say Ava was not impressed. If parents aren’t too keen on hearing a crying baby all night long, well, kids can’t be expected to react with enthusiasm either. But Ava’s reaction was nothing short of resignation personified. 

“Big sister is over it,” the mother wrote in the caption

The video shows Ava bundled in her covers with her head on the pillow. Ivy was there too, absolutely bawling and squirming on the bed beside Ava. Ivy did not seem happy. But Ava was not exactly tranquil either. However, she didn’t console or reprimand her baby sister. Instead, Ava lay there completely silent, unamused and over it

The video received over 15.6 million views and 2.2 million likes on TikTok

“Her face is a whole mood,” one person commented

“OK, can we send it back now, mom?” another joked

“She’s like, ‘I’m not signing up for this,'” someone added

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