An Amazon customer went viral with a huge delivery order — but the real story is even crazier

TikTok users have spent the last few days freaking out over what many are calling one of the biggest amazon delivery orders of all time.

Of course, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But the sheer number of packages delivered to one home in Daytona Beach, Fla., left users with plenty of questions.

The viral saga started when two TikTok users — @teaaaaaa.x and @cassie5616 — posted a series of videos of their neighbor’s “crazy” Amazon order. The clips showed boxes stacked as high as the neighbor’s house.


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Of course, TikTok users chimed in with countless questions. A few days later, they finally got some clarity.

As it turns out, the mysterious neighbor is Lucky Sinz, a longtime Florida resident who goes by the username @iamluckysinz on Instagram, TikTok and, as he puts it, “about 30 other platforms.” In an interview with In The Know, Lucky said he was surprised his order went viral, mostly because he didn’t plan on everything arriving at once.

“It wasn’t planned for as much to come at the same time,” he said. “Literally, I think it was four, five days of deliveries.”

Still, once he stepped outside and saw what was happening, he knew it was going to be a moment.

“I looked at my neighbor [who was filming it], and I said, ‘You’re about to go viral,'” Lucky said.


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“What did they order?” one user commented on a neighbor’s video.

“Only in Florida,” another joked.

So, what’s in all the boxes? As Lucky told In The Know, this is part of a charity campaign he does yearly — often in timing with the back-to-school season. Plenty of the boxes, he said, contain supplies for local schools and daycares.

“This is something that I do regularly, and the people who know me personally know [that],” he said. “It’s just that you get to see it now.”

Lucky said he owns a few businesses in the area — including a cleaning service for restaurants. For him, this is a way he can give back to his city.

“I love my community, whatever community I’m in. And I love helping people — that’s just me,” he said.

Still, after a few days of news stories and viral TikToks, Lucky decided to respond to all the questions. He started posting photos and explanations on his own social media pages, as well as a few stops on his charity tour around town.


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It’s unclear exactly how many packages Lucky ordered, but he acknowledged that the sky-high stacks on TikTok made it look crazier than it is. That said, the 41-year-old told In The Know that he filled “six storage units” with boxes.

Beyond school supplies, several of the packages are filled with what Lucky would only call a “mystery.” Those boxes, he said, contain electronics and other gifts that he plans on using to surprise other members of his community.

Some of those recipients include his neighbors. Thanks to their viral clips, he has now gotten to know them better — and strangely, he sees the whole thing as a happy surprise.

“It’s funny how the universe works because I had no intentions of capitalizing on this,” he said before pausing to laugh. “Or I would’ve been way more elaborate with it.” 

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