Woman astounds TikTok after sharing the ‘biggest lie’ her parents ever told her

What are the biggest lies parents tell you? A new TikTok trend aims to get to the bottom of that question.

Or at least, it’s giving adults an opportunity to share some insane childhood stories. Users on the app are sharing the wild, sometimes hilarious things their parents told them.

Take user @missladygleep for example. In response to the trend, the TikToker explained what her parents told her after her cat died.

“I’d like to still believe this is true anyways,” the user captioned her video.


##stitch with @hershiiliqcour I’d like to still believe this is true anyways ##lies ##foryou ##petstory

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In her chip, @missladygleep explains that instead of the old “your pet’s on a farm upstate” trick, her parents got a bit more creative.

“One day, I had no idea where [my cat] went, so I asked my mom,” the TikToker explained. “And my mom told me that … all she ever wanted was to become an actress.”

Apparently, @missladygleep’s mom said that her cat had moved to Hollywood to star in movies.

The lie sounds pretty insane, but as far as @missladygleep was concerned, she had evidence. A year later, the movie Cats & Dogs came out in theaters — and according to @missladygleep, one of the cats in the film looked just like her old pet.

Another outlandish entry came from user Andrew Lafferty, who explained how his parents convinced him that Hogwarts — the wizarding school from Harry Potter — was a “real place.”


##stitch with @hershiiliqcour He doesn’t even deliver mail. ##harrypotter ##hogwarts ##foryoupage ##FestiveFashion ##foryou ##owl

♬ original sound – Andrew Lafferty

As Lafferty says in his clip, he received an “acceptance letter” from Hogwarts on his 11th birthday, which, in retrospect, was obviously written by his parents. He became so obsessed with the idea that he even started buying wizard “supplies” — presumably to prepare for his new school.

According to Lafferty, his parents even let him buy a pet owl. It wasn’t until months later that they admitted they were just trying to support his love for the book series.

“OK why’d they take it so far,” one user wrote.

“The kind of trauma you’ll be thankful for,” another added.


##stitch with @hershiiliqcour He doesn’t even deliver mail. ##harrypotter ##hogwarts ##foryoupage ##FestiveFashion ##foryou ##owl

♬ original sound – Andrew Lafferty

Of course, this is all just the tip of the iceberg. TikTokers have gone on to share more tragic pet lies and even fake stories about being adopted.

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