‘Billy on the Street’ is making a comeback on TikTok

Billy Eichner’s breakout series Billy on the Street  is making a comeback on TikTok.

The series follows Eichner, a man-on-the-street “reporter” as he approaches random New Yorkers and quizzes them on pop culture (while not-so-subtly teasing them to their faces). The show has aired for five seasons since 2011, bouncing between Fuse and truTV and Funny or Die. A few episode are also available to stream on Netflix. 

Recently, old clips of the show have recirculated on TikTok through popular accounts like @for.a.dollar which has 945,000 followers, @nameawoman which has 607,000 followers and @billyonthestreet which has 426,000 followers. 

The accounts don’t seem to be affiliated with the show or Billy Eichner. 

TikTok is definitely one way to get your daily dose of Billy on the Street without having to log in to Netflix. It’s also a great way to revisit some of the show’s more memorable moments. 

Here are some of the most popular Billy on the Street clips on TikTok:

In the first, a woman roasted Seth Rogen straight to his face because she didn’t realize because he was disguised as a cameraman. 

“Seth Rogen just looks like a cameraman,” one user joked.

“I’d just run away,” another commented.

Who could forget the time a woman couldn’t name a woman, any woman, literally any woman on earth… 

Everyone in the comments named Michelle Obama (who coincidentally has appeared on Billy on the Street) for some reason. 

“I thought of Michelle Obama,” a person said

“I too thought of Michelle Obama,” a user wrote.

“Why did we all think Michelle Obama,” someone asked

Nothing really hits quite like the time Eichner and the Jonas Brothers berated New Yorkers with the announcement that the band was back. Let’s just say New York City didn’t have much love for Kevin Jonas. 

“Poor Kevin,” one person commented

“Kevin, what about, Kevin?” another said.

We’re just happy to see Billy Eichner on our screens again.

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