Bindi Irwin shares emotional video of Steve Irwin speaking on fatherhood

In honor of her 22nd birthday, Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the late Steve Irwin, shared an emotional video of her father speaking on the joys of fatherhood.

Bindi, who turned one year older on July 24, shared a short clip of Steve, who died in September 2006, beaming about her birth.

“22 years ago my parents decided to start a family,” Bindi wrote in the video’s caption. “I will forever be grateful for their unconditional love and encouragement to follow my dreams. I chose the two most compassionate, dedicated and loving people in the world to be my mum and dad. There are no words to describe the amount of love in my heart for them both.”

In the video, Steve shares what his most memorable experience was.

“The most incredible wildlife encounter of my life was the birth of my daughter Bindi,” he says. “Here’s this little girl. I swear she just fitted right in here in the palms of my hands … it was a combination of adrenaline and just emotion.”

Steve then goes on to talk about the emotions he felt.

“I was just … It was like a euphoric feeling,” he says. “I was in total utopia. And I ran around the hospital. ‘Look at this! Look at this!’ And they’re just like, ‘Yes, we’ve got our own.’ Yeah, but you haven’t got one like this one. ‘Look at this little beauty!’ I’m showing everyone, the nurses, the other ladies that have just given birth.”

The footage ends with a heartwarming note from the late zookeeper: “I am the proudest father on the face of the earth.”

Bindi’s post has since received over 200,000 likes and more than 6,000 comments.

“Happy birthday,” one person wrote. “This is absolutely beautiful. He was a very inspiring man.”

“So glad you have these recordings of your Dad, Bindi,” another added. “He was an incredible person who made life so exciting. He made me feel glad to be alive whenever I heard him speaking or watched him on film. Happiest of Birthdays to you!!!!”

Steve, who was best known for starring in “The Crocodile Hunter,” died after a sting ray pierced his chest.

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