TikTok moms are sharing the birth photos they wanted vs. the ones they got

This mom on TikTok shared the birth photos she wanted her husband to take at the hospital when she was in labor, versus the ones she got, and it’s so relatable that many parents decided to do the same. 

TikToker Kelsey Rodriguez (@kelsrod) is a busy parent who often posts clips where she shares entertaining family moments as well as her thoughts on being a mom and wife. In one of Rodriguez’s videos, she compares the kind of birth photos she wanted to the ones she actually got, and it’s so relatable that other parents are posting similar videos of their own desired versus actual birth photos. 


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The clip begins with the words “The pics I wanted my husband to take in the hospital,” typed over a montage of elated mothers holding their newborn babies playing to the tune of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” 

Suddenly, the song fades out, and Rodriguez enters the frame lip-syncing, “Add a little bit of spice.”

At this point, the video switches to a montage of Rodriguez’s birth photos with the words “The pics he ended up taking,” typed over a shot of Rodriguez giving her husband the finger from a hospital bed. 

This photo is followed by a series of pictures of an exhausted-looking Rodriguez holding her newborn, checking her phone, and sleeping with her mouth open. A far cry from the shots of euphoric bliss she had initially wanted. 

Rodriguez’s video hit home with so many parents that many began sharing their own videos of the childbirth photos they wanted versus the ones they got, giving birth to a new TikTok video trend. 

TikToker Emma Olt (@emmarolt) had also hoped for photos of sweet skin-to-skin contact with her baby and having contractions while still sporting the perfect blowout. Instead, Olt got a shot of her wearing an oxygen mask and getting her blood pressure taken. 

Instead of cascading hair and adoring gazes, TikToker Zoie Jenkins (@zoiejenkins_) got a few pictures where she’s sporting a catheter. 

All jokes aside, giving birth is hard work, and looking good while in labor is another unrealistic expectation for parents. So it’s inspiring to see people sharing photos of themselves giving birth while looking like someone who’s giving birth.

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