Black bear breaks into Ontario man’s house looking for pizza

An Ontario resident was met with an uninvited guest. A hungry black bear was caught on security cameras raiding Sean Atkinson’s garbage, looking through pizza boxes for any leftovers.

Footage shows the black bear used its paws to pull open the front door. It then rummaged through three pizza boxes on the floor near the entrance. After ripping through the cardboard with its teeth and finding zilch, the bear looked around the small room.

Then it becomes fascinated and frustrated by the door. The sturdy bear taps the door but it swings close, confusing the animal. It goes back to the door, stands on its hind legs, pushes it open, then rushes through.

“Don’t leave garbage out in Canada. This is entirely my fault, although I’ve never seen a bear open a front door like this before,” Atkinson told Newsflare.

With the black bear population increasing in North America and more humans moving into bear habitats, encounters are rising. Black bears have a sense of smell seven times stronger than Bloodhounds. That means they can detect most food sources — and they’ll always remember where it’s located once found.

While most black bears will avoid humans, if they can find food without being steered away, they’ll keep coming back. Labeled “nuisance bears,” these guys are easy to thwart with a few precautions. The most important one is making trash inaccessible, along with keeping outdoor grills free of food remnants and possibly ditching the birdfeeder.

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