Black lab breaks TikTok’s heart with her secret home alone behavior: ‘I’m never leaving her alone again’

This dog owner set up a camera to record how her dog reacts when she leaves the house and the footage had TikTokers tearing up!

TikToker @sundaetheblacklab is the proud dog mom of a black Labrador retriever named Sundae. Sundae is a hit on TikTok with over 600,000 followers and tons of videos showing her happy, goofy side.

But Sundae’s owner recently shared a video that struck a different tone than usual. The dog mom decided to record what Sundae does when she leaves the house, and the resulting video was so emotional!


I’m never leaving her alone again 🥺

♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

The video begins with a shot of Sundae lying on her owner’s bed. The dog looks relaxed and is curled up on top of a blanket. “I got cameras to see what Sundae does when I leave,” a caption reads. 

Sundae lays still on the bed for a few moments, then gets up and enters the living room. “I thought she would just stay on my bed,” reads another caption. 

Sundae slowly walks to the front door of the house, looking around the whole time. When she reaches the front door, she lays down on the floor. A caption reads, “But instead she lays by the door until I come home.” 

In a montage, Sundae’s owner shares shots of Sundae waiting by the door. At first she lies on her back, then she shifts so that she is sitting up, facing the door. Next, she turns around, curling up in a ball as though taking a nap. Then, in another shot, Sundae looks up at the door hopefully, as though she has heard a sound. 

Next, Sundae stands up and faces the door. Her tail begins to wag expectantly. The camera perspective shifts, and suddenly Sundae’s owner is home! The video ends as Sundae wags her tail and wiggles with excitement as her owner greets her. 

Viewers were moved by the loyal pup’s reaction to her owner’s departure. 

“Ma’am, we demand you don’t leave Sundae alone ever again,” one viewer joked. 

“Aw, when you leave you gotta tell her when you’ll be back so she knows,” another viewer wrote.

“OMG, I would never leave again,” wrote another TikToker. 

In a comment on the video, Sundae’s owner clarified that she works from home, so she and Sundae spend plenty of quality time together. 

“We’re together all the time,” she reassured her viewers. “I was gone about 45 minutes this time.”

While 45 minutes might not be a long time, Sundae clearly loves her owner so much that any amount of time away can feel like an eternity!

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