Here’s how to get the blue and red filter on TikTok

People are using a “blue and red filter” on TikTok to duet with themselves. 

TikTok launched a new effect known as the “blue and red” filter. The filter changes a user’s facial features to appear more macho under the blue lighting by adding a beard. While the red lighting adds daintier features like fuller lips. Musical fans and lip-syncers have embraced the “blue and red” filter as perfect for the In The Heights challenge and other duets. 

The In The Heights challenge on TikTok

For the In The Heights challenge, people lip-sync to lyrics from the film adaption of the Broadway musical. Using a snippet from the song “Blackout” where the characters Vanessa and Usnavi duet. 

The exchange in the song goes like this: 

Vanessa: Usnavi all night, you barely even danced with me

Usnavi: Don’t make me laugh, I’ve been trying all night / You’ve been shaking your a** for like half of the Heights 

Vanessa: Real nice

Usnavi: You barely gave me a chance all evening 

Vanessa: What?

Usnavi: Do I get another dance? 

Vanessa: I’m leaving

Usnavi: Vanessa!

Each time the TikToker switches from Vanessa and Usnavi’s voice they all switch from red (Vanessa) to blue (Usnavi). 

Examples of the “blue and red” filter on TikTok

The user @joonieet00n did the challenge perfectly as she alternated from a red-lipped Vanessa to a bearded Usnavi. 

“They literally made a filter for the trend,” she wrote in the caption. 

TikToker @adam.riz also did the In The Heights challenge calling his duet a “masterpiece.” 

People have taken the concept of the In The Heights trend and applied it to other songs. Like when @christines_snaps went viral with her rendition of Fergie’s “London Bridges.” @maddyspencer5 did her version of Grease as a “one-man show” using the “blue and red” filter. 

How to use the “blue and red” filter on TikTok

Luckily you don’t need any third-party apps to get this effect. All you need is the TikTok app. 

1. Open the TikTok app and tap “+create” at the bottom of the screen. 

2. Hit the “effects” option and locate the “trending” category. You know you’ve found the “blue and red” filter when you see an icon with a face that’s half blue and half red. 

3. Tap the icon and start recording your video. To switch between the red and blue lighting, blink your eyes. It’s that easy!

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