7 top-rated blue light glasses to wear while working from home

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If your eyes have ever felt strained and tired after staring at a computer screen all day, welcome to the club. Chances are, you’ve been in front of your desktop too long or you might be taking in too much blue light.

Getting rid of screens is not an option in this digital age, so people have been turning to blue light glasses as a way to help prevent some of the damage that blue light can potentially cause.

In general, blue light is not a bad thing. It can actually help with alertness and boost your mood. However, the problem arises when there’s too much of it.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, too much blue light exposure at night can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm, thus making it harder to sleep. This is especially true if you’re constantly looking at your phone at night.

“Blue light from electronics trick the brain into thinking that it’s still daytime, so melatonin production is inhibited. This can lead to difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep,” Relief Jones, III, MD, a board-certified ophthalmologist and medical director told Insider. Moreover, Harvard researchers found blue light suppressed melatonin for “about twice as long” as green light exposure.

While there has been some discussion about blue light contributing to eye strain, it’s not necessarily the real culprit, according to the AAO. Instead, eyestrain is caused by “how much we use our digital devices.” Therefore, the AAO recommends reducing the time you spend looking at your electronics.

Nonetheless, there have been claims that blue light glasses may help ease eyestrain, according to Medical News Today. Additionally, some studies suggest that they could help improve sleep quality.

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