TikTokers are sharing the unexpected twists in their life using audio from a McDonald’s drive-thru

There are expectations, then there’s reality. TikTokers are using the “blue raspberry slushie” meme to capture those moments they didn’t get exactly what they were hoping for. 

The hilarious trend does however have some unusual origins. A real-life miscommunication at a McDonald’s drive-thru spawned the meme. Now there are thousands of videos about it. Here’s what you need to know. 

What is the ‘blue raspberry slushie’ TikTok meme? 

The meme uses audio from a drive-thru misunderstanding at McDonald’s.

“And can I also have a small blues — blue raspberry slushie?” a woman asked in the sound.

“A Sausage McMuffin?” the worker responded.

TikTokers now use the sound whenever they receive something they didn’t ask for or when something they ask for has unintended consequences. The general ethos of the meme being: be careful what you wish for. 

The original audio has over 41,000 videos associated with it, while another version of the sound has over 50,000

Where did the ‘blue raspberry slushie’ sound come from? 

The sound is from a video by @heyitssarahw. However, it didn’t become popular until another creator re-uploaded the audio. 


idk how y’all are hearing J*mes Ch*rles in the bg when it’s clearly Butter by BTS ??? #sausagemcmuffin #butter #bts #mcdonalds #btsxmcdonalds #fypシ

♬ Be A Clown – ָ࣪ ۰♥︎ Osuna ࣪𖥔꒷

“When someone takes your viral sound, uploads it as their own and gets more hype and your fave creator uses it instead of the original on your page,” @heyissarahw joked in a TikTok. 

Some people thought it was unfair of @heyitssarahw to make fun of the drive-thru worker because it’s not an easy job. She appeared to let the criticism roll off her back. 

Some examples of the ‘blue raspberry slushie’ meme

“Me asking god for a cool flirty party trick,” @mollllyyymcg said. 

Then she revealed her party trick was… impersonating Mort from Madagascar

“Me asking god for normal hands,” @youngsoupie wrote in the caption.

Instead, she got what she described as a “toe thumb.” 

“Asking the universe for an original face,” @heathershawwww said before comparing her looks to Jim Carrey. 

“100 percent Jim Carrey,” someone commented.

“Mannerisms spot on,” another wrote

“Me asking for one nice normal photo with my boyfriend,” @niamhadkins said. 

She cut to a photo with her boyfriend where he’s literally sucking her thumb. 

“He’s trying his best,” a user joked.

“One to show the kids,” a person said

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