If you have trouble sleeping comfortably through the night, try a bluetooth sleep mask

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Listen, we’ve been there. Many of us often have to deal with excruciating headaches, weight gain, aging and many serious health problems due to sleep deprivation. Your body can usually cope with these issues for only a couple of days, but if the cycle continues you’ll most likely wake up feeling cranky and frustrated. Also, these symptoms often carry over into your relationships, social interactions and overall wellness.

This is why you need a proper solution to help you sleep comfortably or relax for a few of minutes without any disturbance. Even though there are several accessories like earphones and eye masks out there, they aren’t as effective as these recommended Bluetooth sleep masks. Designed to cover your eyes and block light, some models are even wireless and let to listen to music.

With so much competition on the market, condensing your shopping cart to a single brand can be hard. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best masks to help you choose the best one.

Top Picks

Editor’s choice: Muzicosy Sleep Bluetooth Mask

Credit: Amazon

With a built-in Bluetooth module and Hi-Fi speakers, this sleep mask allows wireless streaming while maintaining crisp and punchy audio.

It also has deep eye space and contoured edges to keep your eyes safe from unintentional pressure. There’s also a unique nasal baffle design that easily fits your nose and blocks out light.

This Bluetooth sleep mask can take anywhere from two to two and a half hours to fully charge and can operate for 10 to 12 hours. It tops our list  because of its soft foam padding and icy silk cover that relaxes your eyes while you sleep.


  • Long distance signal 
  • Longer battery life


  • Higher price point

Outstanding performance: Lightmetunnel Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Credit: Amazon

This Bluetooth 5.0-enabled sleep mask maintains a stable connection for a long time so that you can listen to music easily without any disturbance.

It has a built-in Hi-Fi speaker and microphone that let you listen to your favorite songs, doze off to your newfound nature sounds playlist, or receive a call without lifting a muscle. All the controls are at its center nose bridge so you can sleep on your side without accidentally pressing any button.

Featuring a slow-rebound memory foam padding with a smooth fabric cover, you can easily get relief from facial stress and aches. Its 3D ergonomic structure leaves no gap along the nose bridge for blocking maximum light, helping you sleep comfortably in darkness. 


  • Comfortable around your eyes
  • Won’t cause aches in the nasal bone
  • Up to ten hours of undisturbed operation


  • Does not offer noise cancelation

Maximum eye coverage: LC-dolida Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Credit: Amazon

With deeper 3D contours, this 5.2 Bluetooth-enabled sleep mask offers maximum eye coverage.

Its nose area has a unique design for blocking out maximum light and induces a feeling of complete darkness. It comes with a Hi-Fi stereo to enhance the sound quality and help you enjoy the immersive feeling. 

Designed with a cooling memory foam padding that works to reduce pressure on the eyes and prevent aches, using it at night can help alleviate migraines, insomnia and headaches. It also offers a playing time with a max of 10 hours so you can listen to music throughout the night. 

Another plus is its adjustable strap that’s easy to fix in place without tangling your hair.


  • Cancels all ambient noise
  • Ideal for side sleepers
  • Sunglass shape offers more coverage


  • Does not come with a microphone

Budget-friendly: Topoint Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Credit: Amazon

This budget-friendly sleep mask features 5.0 Bluetooth technology that works to enhance signal transmission and audio clarity.

You can pair it with your smartphone, laptop and any other Bluetooth-enabled device easily. It comes with a Hi-Fi stereo and a microphone that improves sound quality and lets you to take calls. 

Its next-level bending cartilage construction and additional cushion padding fill any gaps between the mask and your nose. This blocks the light effectively and helps you sleep or take a nap peacefully. 

Its upgraded battery 200 mAh microchip takes only two and a half hours to fully charge and offers a playtime of more than nine hours, making it a perfect choice for long airplane rides and road trips!


  • Washable outer mask cover
  • Helps in reducing muscle aches
  • Breathable fabric for additional comfort


  • Doesn’t come with contoured surfaces

Maximum wireless coverage: Voerou Sleep Bluetooth Sleep Mask

Credit: Amazon

This 5.2-enabled Bluetooth sleep mask produces rich bass and treble for taking your musical experience to a new level. Its built-in battery lasts nine continuous hours per charging cycle.

Even if the battery runs out, the mask will not make any sound and disturb your sleep.

Furthermore, it can block light and help you relax at the office or sleep peacefully during the night. Elastic cotton and velvet make this Bluetooth sleep mask soft, skin-friendly and highly breathable so that you won’t have to suffer from allergies, sweating or any other discomfort. With all buttons shifted to the sides, you can control them seamlessly without much hassle.


  • Offers 33 feet of wireless connection
  • Breathable fabric for enhanced comfort
  • Is skin-friendly


  • Might not tune out ambient noise

How to buy a quality Bluetooth sleep mask: a buying guide

With so many compelling Bluetooth sleep masks on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This product is not just a regular sleep accessory that usually has small margins for compromise. Instead, it acts as a determiner of your health, relaxation and sleep. Therefore, you cannot afford to invest in the wrong product.

The incomparable benefits of a Bluetooth sleep mask 

If you plan to buy a new sleep mask or upgrade an existing one, a Bluetooth sleep mask is a feasible choice. However, you might come across many people still using the regular eye masks that aren’t very efficient. 

Here are some reasons why you should make the switch:

  • A Bluetooth sleep mask eliminates the hassles of using an external earphone. With a regular sleep mask, you’re forced to connect the cord earphone for listening to music.
  • You can answer and receive calls using the Bluetooth sleep mask without reaching for your phone
  • The signal transmission is an incomparable benefit of the Bluetooth sleep mask. It can transmit signals faster with minimal loss which isn’t possible for regular sleep masks.

Factors to consider when choosing a Bluetooth sleep mask

Stereo and microphone

All Bluetooth sleep masks come with Hi-Fi stereo that works to prevent lead and lag time. Such a product can produce sharp and clear audio with no disturbances or superimposed ambient noise. Some Bluetooth sleep masks are also capable of noise-cancellation to help you enjoy a seamless audio experience. 

If you know you’ll enjoy the added benefit of a built-in microphone, be sure to look for this option in the product description as not all Bluetooth sleep masks are designed the same.

Eye padding

Some Bluetooth sleep masks have ergonomic designs that work to protect your eyes and reduce pressure should you toss and turn during sleep. 

Nose design

These Bluetooth sleep masks have a unique nose design to ensure maximum light-blocking and help you achieve a more restful night’s sleep. With the help of the flexible cartilage structure, it will sit right on top of your nose and hug the natural contour of your face. For those looking for premium comfort, some masks even come with a padded nose area to your nasal bone.


If you’re looking to improve your overall wellness, it’s important to know that your average sleep time will vary from the next and depends on the Bluetooth sleep mask you chose. This is where things like noise cancellation can make the biggest difference. 

Check to see if the product allows any amount of light to penetrate through the gap between its inner surface and your face. If it does, then you probably want to pass on that sleep mask as even the smallest amount of ambient light can disturb your sleep. 

Another thing to look out for is padding. If your nose and forehead areas aren’t comfortable — or the strap itself is just too tight and not adjustable — then you’ll want to trade your current model for a replacement. Extending the use of an ineffective Bluetooth mask can lead to even poorer sleep quality, so don’t hesitate to reach out to the manufacturer for a refund.

Battery life

Since the Bluetooth sleep masks work on batteries, you must ensure that your chosen product is equipped with a stable power source. Most products have upgraded batteries that last for 10 hours per charging cycle. Therefore, you can use them for a long time without worrying about putting the mask to charge frequently. However, if you’ve chosen a product with nine hours of operational time, it may cause a little problem but nothing you can’t manage.

How much does a Bluetooth sleep mask cost?

The average price range of Bluetooth sleep masks is between $19.28 and $24.99. If you want to determine the exact cost for your budget, you must compare the products based on the factors below.

  • When you choose a 5.2 Bluetooth-enabled sleep mask, its price will be higher than your average 5.0 Bluetooth-enabled products.
  • Choosing a Bluetooth sleep mask with a 3D design will create more impact on your budget limit than other products lacking this specific feature.
  • Bluetooth sleep masks manufactured from high-quality materials like ice silk or velvet will cost higher than regular products.

How to connect the Bluetooth sleep mask to your phone?

Are you struggling with connecting the Bluetooth sleep mask with your phone? If yes, don’t worry — it’s more common than you think! 

Here are some tips to consider the next time you try to connect:

  1. Start by pressing the power button of the Bluetooth sleep mask for five seconds or until the light glows. Afterward, go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone. 
  2. Under Bluetooth settings, select the manufacturer’s name to sync both devices. From there, you should see a permission request. 
  3. Select “accept” or “allow,” and you’re done! If the pairing is successful, you can start rocking out to your favorite tracks. To unpair, you can perform this process again and select “disconnect” or press the “power off” button on your Bluetooth sleep mask. 

People also ask 

Q. Can I sleep on my left side while wearing the Bluetooth sleep mask?

A. If you are a side sleeper, you must ensure to get a Bluetooth sleep mask with a central button panel. This way, you won’t have to worry about pressing any button accidentally.

Q. Can I make calls using the Bluetooth sleep mask?

A. No, you won’t be able to make calls using the Bluetooth sleep mask. Its microphone driver can otherwise receive calls and speak to the other person seamlessly. 

Q. Can I clean the Bluetooth sleep mask?

A. Absolutely! You can clean your Bluetooth sleep mask with a slightly damp cloth if all the internal wire components are removable and the fabric is washable. Ensure that the detergent you are using isn’t harmful or contains bleaching properties as that might distort the material. 

Q. Will I be able to connect the Bluetooth sleep mask with my laptop?

A. If the laptop supports Bluetooth technology, you can easily connect it with the sleep mask. All you have to do is check whether both the Bluetooth versions are compatible.

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