Moms are sharing the ‘scary’ ways their bodies changed after pregnancy

What happens to your body after pregnancy? Giving life to another human is a special and miraculous thing, but unsurprisingly, carrying them around in your belly for nine months and then pushing them out of you (or having them removed via C-section) can do some serious damage to your body. Nobody said being a mom was easy!

In a new TikTok trend, many moms are getting real about their “lingering issues” from pregnancy and the delivery process. The trend was started by stay-at-home mom Madison Brinkdopke, who kicked things off by sharing that her worst lingering issue is hemorrhoids.

“I didn’t know that once you get them you pretty much always have them,” she said. “So I’m constantly on the verge of ridding myself of this horrible affliction and then I have one upset stomach or I eat Taco Bell and all of a sudden they all pop right back out.”


Let’s open up this TMI conversation, mamas. #momsoftiktok

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Though Brinkdopke sadly can’t seem to find a remedy for her painful problem, she can at least take solace in the fact that many of her fellow moms are dealing with lingering problems of their own.

User @myehalsall, for instance, shared that due to breastfeeding, her breasts stretched out and lost some size.

“Breastfeeding, like […] how do I say this? When I tell you, like there’s nothing there,” she said as she showed off how she can’t fill her top in as well anymore. “They were like DDDs, okay? I lost a bunch of weight, but it’s lingering for me. That’s … I did that.”

Many moms could relate to what @myehalsall was saying. However, this revelation was especially disturbing to many young women, who are now scared to have kids and lose their chests to breastfeeding.

“Thank you for my daily dose of birth control,” one user joked.

“This scares me,” another added.

“Wait do they ever go back?” a third asked.” I love mine but I want kids.”

In the comments, @myehalsall reassured everyone that it’s all worth it, saying “Making, growing and feeding another human is a gift. If [you’re] on the fence, wait, be ready, but don’t let this TikTok scare you.”

Another mom, @kirstylondon, revealed that due to an emergency C-section, she never feels the sensation to go to the bathroom.

“I could drink barrel loads throughout the day and not feel the need to go for a wee until I go, ‘Hmm, maybe I should go,'” she said. “I now have to set hourly reminders on my phone just to remind myself to go for a wee.”

“I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!” one commenter said. “Four years later I still don’t feel the need to go, but I will feel pressure.”

“Oh my gosh! This happened to me too,” another commented. “I had a scheduled C-section. But 2 years later and I can feel it again! I thought it was just me.”

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