How to get back to feeling comfortable in your own skin

Christina is a mother of three who wants to feel sexy when she’s with her husband. 

Co-hosts Jujubee and Thorgy Thor give the mom advice on how to feel comfortable in her own skin in this episode of Love Hotline. 

“My question is, how can I embrace my body and feel sexy in the bedroom with my husband?” Christiana asked. 

Thorgy and Jujubee were stunned Christina, who proudly rocks a shaved head, ear gauges and vibrant tattoos, had any trouble feeling fierce. 

“Your look is so striking and beautiful!” Thorgy said. 

“But I get in my head because I had three kids so my belly needs a little work. I need to feel sexy again,” Christina told them. 

Jujubee thought maybe Christina was too in her head about the matter.

“I think that your partner already thinks you’re really sexy,” Juju said. “It’s just a matter of getting you there. And it’s all in your mind, right? You already know you’re beautiful. You are a piece of art. So tell yourself that you’re sexy, honey. Because you’re sexy.” 

Thorgy suggested she learn a thing or two from a drag queen about confidence. 

“Being queens we put all of this on because it makes us feel like, ‘alright, yeah!'” Thorgy said. “So whatever you got to do, you got to push through sometimes and ignore those negative voices and feel great about yourself every day and find a way to do it.” 

“That is really good advice actually,” Christina said. 

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